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Subject:Re: To Cover-up Multiple Mistakes - DAR Bestows Contrived Honors
Post Date:October 03, 2013 at 15:27:49
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I get a good bit of hate mail from DAR advocates like you,
some like you froth at the mouth, but on the other hand, I get a few "Atta Boys for hanging-in there for TRUTH AND FAIR TREATMENT.

Speaking for the "Ladies of NSDAR," you said when we go to bed we thank the Lord you (who blew the whistle on the horse and buggy methods of the DAR) personally cannot be a DAR member as you are not a lady."

In rejoinder, I say you,and your kind, are not ladies before or after you go to bed.

Otherwise you would look at the merits of the case instead
of blindly trying to demean a person who sticks to the
facts, and please notice that DAR has recanted 50% of their
rookie mistakes, and even the DAR Administrator admitted in
writing that he thought Reuben Bates (1731-1800) was a Patriot.

DAR methods are behind the times, they even reject DNA proof, even if it is "Triangulated from two sons, as in my case.

You say you "go to "bed thanking the Lord" for not having
to associate with folks like me. You are talking about
a World War Two Survivor, who must folks go to bed
thanking the Lord for our being.


This is the third anniversary that we have run the SS Paul Hamilton tragedy, the largest loss of life on a Liberty Ship during WWII.

Each year a few more families of the 580 killed find the the article and contact me, most have know nothing but that date their ancestor was killed.

Bob Jones widow Helen passed on all the the archival material they dug out after the 50 year classification had run out. I was in the unique position of course to publish it here, and will every year as we continue to find more and more families.

The surprise this year was to have the radio operator, Wayne Witt Bates, on the USS Mosley contact me with the startling revelation that when the torpedo bombers were coming in on a bow attack they received a message of “Friendly Planes…Do not fire.” This first wave went by the Mosley unmolested and got the Paul Hamilton…the fortune of war. But in all the post action reports, this key radio message ‘fell through the cracks’.

So we say thanks to Al Gore for inventing the Internet, without which we would never have been able to do any of this. It is all amazing teamwork from people who care, and that is a set up for a favor I want to ask you all.
We have been posting queries on surname genealogy forums fishing to find more families of the 580 men, but the initial test got no bites. The KIA link has all the names in alphabetical order. If any of you readers have any of these surnames among your family let’s see if we can let more of these families know what really happened, and why.

After the first publishing in 2011 I had been contacted by Chuck Wales, formerly the Navy Lt. and torpedo officer on the USS Lansdale who was also torpedoed and sunk during the same convoy attack.