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Subject:Re: p.s. Peggy . . . Re: "signatures" in deeds books won't help
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To help my lady kinswoman, a double cousin and true lady

I thought it a SLAM DUNK to move back one generation to Reuben Bates, Senior, since DAR already proved Reuben Bates, Junior

In error, DAR had approved the following Military Service Record for Junior (1771-1853), when the record belonged to his father by the same name .

Source War 4 Page 94
Bates, Reuben - Soldier of the Infantry - paid by Mr. Duval
on March 4, 1783 - 36.0.0

SLAM DUNKS NOT ALLOWED BY DAR - I was amazed when DAR said

1. "You have nothing that links Junior to Senior."

2. Then, DAR conjured up "potential fathers" for
Reuben Bates, Junior, but didn't name them.
(Was I suppose to take their word for it - NO WAY)

3. Then, in error, DAR claimed the other Bates on the list
(War Vol. 4) were form Culpeper County not Louisa County.
(James Bates of Louisa Co., Son of Reuben Sr. was on the List)

5. Then, in error, the DAR claimed that the Mr. Duval,
who picked up soldier pay for Reuben Bates, was not one
and the same as officer William Duval. Duval's pension
and 1783 Tax records proved them wrong, but the DAR is not
big enough to admit mistakes. (but, I'm calling them on it)

In cover-up of their multiple mistakes, the DAR bestowed
a CONTRIVED HONOR on Revolutionary Soldier Reuben Bates, Sr.

DAR said Reuben Bates Senior was Patriot because he paid his taxes in Louisa Co., VA. in the year 1783,
HOLLOOW HONOR - everybody paid their taxes.

Both Reuben Bates and former former Officer William Duval
were PATRIOTS, because both paid their Taxes in Louisa Co
in the year 1783