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Subject:Acting upon your suggtestios - will look at the deeds
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Acting upon you suggestion, engaging a genealogist in
Richmond, VA.

I would like to see what, if any, association my ancestor Reuben Bates (1731-1800) of Louisa Co., had with Rev. War Officer William Duval,who lived in Louisa Co from 1781 until October 1783.

Per Pension S8362 Officer William Duval said
"about the year 1781, I bought a farm a called Potter's Field of a merchant of the name of GEORGE POLLIS in the lower end of Louisa. In October 1783, I r removed to my former seat near Richmond.

I would like to see deed information
Grantee Deed to William Duval from George Pollis
Grantor Deed from William Duval when he sold it

Is the land (Potters Field) near the land of Reuben Bates in Trinity Parish

War Volumes LVA Misc. Reel No. 983 War 4 "pairs-up" Reuben Bates with Officer William Duval
Page 94
Bates, Reuben -Soldier of the Infantry - paid by Mr. Duval on March 4, 1783 - 36.0.0

In the 1783 Tax list, there was only one Duval, namely William Duval and only one Reuben Bates

Any other association which "pairs-up" William Duval with Reuben Bates.