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Subject:Re: Falsehood, no matter how often repeated, does not become more true
Post Date:July 26, 2011 at 13:35:22
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I realize to criticize DAR is liken to attacking motherhood,
but somebody has to expose their failure to respond to
Truth and Fair Treatment of proven record of a Rev. War

Reuben Bates "Paired-up" with ex-officer Duval
If one can "pair-up" a Reuben Bates with ex-officer
William Duval in any other county than Louisa, I would
pay to see it.

The "conjecture" that you are so quick to characterize is
facts documented from two sources,which "pair-up"
Rev. War Soldier Reuben Bates of Louisa Co. VA with
ex-officer William Duval of Louisa Co., VA

!. Pension S8362
Ex Officer William Duval Pension No. S8362,
which proves that Major Duval was one and the same
as Mister Duval, who picked up pay due Rev. War Soldier
Reuben Bates Sr (1731-1800) of Louisa Co. VA

Per his Pension, ex-officer William Duval lived in Louisa
Co., VA from 1781 until Octobr 1783,the county of residence
of Rev. War Soldier Reuben Bates.

2. Louisa Co. VA Personal Property Tax for 1783.
Not conjecture, but fact, that ex-officer William Duval was
the only Duval in Louisa Co. in 1783, the residence of
Reuben Bates in 1783. He was the only available Duval to
pick-up the Soldier pay on 4 March 1783 due Rev. War Soldier
Reubrn Bates Sr.