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Subject:Ancestors in First Rhode Island Regiment
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If you have ancestors who served in the First Rhode Island Regiment in the Rev. War or if you are descended from the Parks of Brooklyn, NY who are descendants of the Chadsey and Greene families of Rhode Island and of Robert Parke, 1630, this may be of interest to you:

My ancestor, William Chadsey Jr. of Rhode Island, was killed while serving with the First Rhode Island Regiment in the Revolutionary War at the battle of Pines Bridge at the Croton River near present day Yorktown Heights, NY. This little known battle was unique in two ways. The Rhode Island Regiment was an integrated regiment of African-Americans, Native Americans and Rhode Island Patriots. The force was commanded by Colonel Christopher Greene, a third cousin of both William Chadsey Jr. and Gen. Nathanael Greene. To quote from a web site I recently found: "The Pines Bridge was a vital strategic crossing point of the Croton River, a river that links New England directly with the Hudson River....Washington knew that control of the Croton River meant three things: a natural barrier, it allowed for defense from incursions from southern Westchester County and New York City; the river also established a staging point for a potential re-conquest of Manhattan Island [controlled by the British during most of the Rev. War]; and the Croton allowed for trade and communication to flow between New England and the Middle Colonies."

See this website for more details: The post is by Michael J. Kahn, a NY police officer, a trustee of the Yorktown Historical Society and leader of the effort to erect a monument to the members of the 1st Rhode Island Regiment killed at Pines Bridge. The web site shows a drawing of the proposed monument honoring Native Americans, African Americans and the Rhode Island Patriots. The African-American troops that were captured alive at this battle were sold into slavery in the British West Indies. They had originally joined the regiment on the promise of equal pay and treatment and freedom at the end of their service.

I am bringing all this to your attention because the Yorktown Historical Society needs donations and political support to get the monument erected, which they hope to do by May 14, 2010, the 231st anniversary of the battle, and of the death of Colonel Christopher Greene and William Chadsey Jr.. The web site above tells how to submit donations. I contacted Michael Kahn by e-mail to tell him of our connection to this historical event and to pledge a donation. He responded promptly and was quite thrilled. His e-mail is Donations can be made out to Yorktown Historical Society, with "monument fund" in the memo line and mailed to PO Box 355, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598; donations are tax deductible.