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I am searching for the Ancestry of Amasa F. Allen. His information is available on the web for Henderson Co. Illinois history. His obituary mentions that his father was a POW after the Battle of Bunker Hill, but the list I found of known prisoners did not contain anyone with the last name of Allen. It did, however, contain an AMASA FISK, deceased.

(Obit and list of POWs transcribed at the end)

If anyone can shed some light on who his father was, it would be greatly appreciated.

Amasa F. Allen was born on 17 Nov 1787 in Litchfield, Connecticut. He died on 21 Sep 1887 in Terra Haute, Henderson, Illinois. When he was 19, He married Susannah Farrington,daughter (prob) of James Farrington and Ms. Hammond, on 16 Aug 1807 in Millford, Otsego County, New York.

Amasa was ineligible for military service, disabled (foot). He lived in Philadelphia, Jefferson, New York in 1850. He emigrated from Otsego, NY in 1855. He immigrated to LaHarpe, IL in 1855. He lived in Henderson, Illinois, United States on 03 Jul 1865. He lived in Terre Haute, Henderson, Illinois, United States in 1870. He lived in Terre Haute, Henderson, Illinois in 1880. He was buried in Sep 1887 in Terre Haute, Henderson Co., IL.

Amasa F. Allen and Susannah Farrington had the following children:

Jacob Allen was born on 22 Sep 1808 in Bath, Steuben, New York, USA. He died on 22 Apr 1855 in Terre Haute, Henderson, Illinois, USA. He married Lucinda Simerson about 1832 in NY., USA.
Elizabeth Allen was born on 23 May 1809. She died on 22 Aug 1812.
Martin Allen was born on 22 Feb 1812. He died in 1886.
Hannah Allen was born on 05 Apr 1814 in New York. She died on 23 Dec 1883 in Terra Haute, Henderson, Illinois.
Theodora Allen was born on 05 Aug 1816. She died in 1856.
Mary E. (Polly) Allen was born on 19 Dec 1818 in New York, United States. She died on 27 Dec 1898 in Illinois, United States.
Joseph Allen was born on 04 Jul 1821 in Bath, Steuben, New York. He died on 14 May 1909 in Terre Haute, Henderson, Illinois.
Delos Allen was born in 1822. He died before 1882.
Catherine Allen was born on 09 Dec 1824. She died in 1825.
Amasa F Allen Jr. was born on 01 Jan 1826 in Otsego, New York, United States. He died on 05 Apr 1905.
Alfred T Allen was born on 02 Jan 1830 in Theresa, New York, USA. He died in 24 1897 in Savannah, Wayne, New York, United States.
David R Allen was born on 26 Feb 1832. He died on 26 Dec 1832.
Charles Allen was born on 17 Mar 1834 in New York, United States. He died before 1882.

The Laharper Sep. 30, 1887
Terre Haute Tidings.
Sept 27,--- Died---Wednesday Sept. 21, 1887, at 3:30 P.M. at the residence of his son Joseph Allen , near Terre Haute, Ill., Amasa Allen, aged 99years 10 months and 4 days.
The deceased was born in the state of Connecticut, November 17, 1787, was married to Miss Susannah Farrington August 16, 1807, at Milford, Otesgo county, New York the officiating clergyman being the Rev. Richardson, of that place. Twelve children were born unto them. They have had 38 grandchildren, 26 of whom are still living, 53 great grandchildren and one great great grandchild. Thus representatives of five generations were all living at the same time before his death. His wife died March 11TH,1872 at the age of 92 years ,3 months and 18 days,thus they had passed the diamond stone in life's journey together. Just think of it, living together as man and wife more than the allotted three score and ten years. In May following his wifes death he made a trip back to New York state to visit his children and relatives. He made the trip alone and returned much elated with his trip and the many notices which he recieved on account of his age. He never served in any wars from the fact that he was disabled from military duty when but 10 years of age, by receiving a wound in the foot which permanently disabled him. He saw the "Father of his country," Gen. George Washington. His father was a soldier in the revolutionary war and was taken prisoner at the battle of Bunker Hill.. He died at the age of 88 years and 6 months. Mr. Allen never used tobacco in any form and but very little intoxicating liquors of any kind and here is a temperence sermon in a nut shell. He moved from Ostego county, New York to this place in the spring of 1855 and during the last, 13 years has lived with his son Joseph. He and his wife were both members of the Baptist church The funeral dsicourse was preached by Rev .E. O. Raymond. The church was beautifully decorated with evergreens, cut flowers and house plants, and upon the wall were the dates 1787 in silver letters, and below That, Amasa Allen in White letters then below that the date 1887 in black letters. The Pall-bearers were Messrs. Geo. A. Ward, Frisby Sloan, Marvin McKim, James Reynolds, J.S. Negley and the remains were interred in the Terre Haute cemetery...

History of Henderson County

A family remarkable for longevity is the Allen family. Mr. and Mrs. Amasa Allen have been married seventy-six years. Mr. Allen is ninety-five years of age and Mrs. Allen is ninety-one. The ages of their children now living are as follows : Martin, now living in New York is seventy years old; Hannah, sixty-seven; Mary, sixty-four; Joseph, sixty-one; A. F. 57; A. T., 52. The father, Mr. Amasa Allen, is yet quite a sprightly old. gentleman.
*History of Terre Haute Township* 1882

List of prisoners after Battle of Bunker Hill

The Connecticut Journal
September 20, 1775

The following list of the persons now confined in Boston gaol, for no other crime than that of being the friends of their country, were brought out of Boston a few days since.

Prisoners taken at Bunkerīs Hill, June 17, 1775.

Lieut. Col. Parker, of Chelmsford, dead.
Capt. Benjamin Walker, of Chelmsford, dead.
Lieut. Azariah Fosset, of Groton, dead.
Lieut. William Scott, of Petersboroug, alive.
Serj. Robert Phelps, of Lancaster, dead.
Phineas Nevers, Windsor, dead.
Oliver Stevens, Townsend, dead.
Daniel McGrath, unknown, dead.
John Perkins, New Rutland, alive.
Jacob Frost, Towlsbary, alive.
Amasa Fisk, Peppernell, dead.
Daniel Sessions, Andover, alive.
Jonathan Norton, Newbury Port, alive.
Philip Johnson Peck, Boston Mansfield, alive.
Benjamin Bigelow, Pecerfield, alive.
Benjamin Wilson, Billerica, alive.
Archibald McIntosh, Townsend, dead.
David Kemp, Groton, dead.
John Deland, Charlestown, alive.
Lawrence Sullivan, Weathersfield, alive.
Thomas Kettle, (a lad, dismissed) Charlestown, alive.
William Robinson, unknown, dead.
Benjamin Ross, Ashford, Connecticut, dead.
John Dillon, Jersey, of England, dead.
One unknown, dead.
William Keneh, Peckersfield, dead.
James Dodge, Edenburgh, Scotland, dead.
William Tollinson, Connecticut, dead.
John Lord, unknown, dead.
James Milliken, Boston, dead.
Stephen Foster, Groton, dead.

Dead 20. Alive 10. Dismissed 1.

Rifle Men Prisoners.
Walter Cruse, taken, York County, Pensylvania,
John Brown, ditto, ditto.
Cornelius Tuinson, defected from the American camp, & confined for attempting to get back.

Prisoners, Inhabitants of Boston, Sept. 2.

Master Lovell, imprisoned 65 days, charged with being a spy, and giving intelligence to the rebels. Mr. Leach, 65 days, charged with being a spy, and suspected of taking plans.
Mr. Peter Edes, son of Mr. Benjamin Edes, Printer and
Mr. William Starr, 75 days each, for having fire-arms concealed in their houses.
Mr. John Gill, Printer, 29 days, for printing treason, sedition and rebellion.

NOTE: This is the only listing of prisoners I can find. There may have been significantly more than this, but I cannot find record of them.

Searching Millford twp./Otsego county NY histories turned up no clues - only a mention of 2 Allen brothers who died of smallpox. Even the Farringtons, apparently a prolific group in Millford, do not mention Susannah. Obviously, the Allen name was quite common during the era of the revolution, but I have searched the DAR website, looking at every Allen who served and is documented in their pages, and have not found any that were marked as POWs or serving under the names mentioned as commanders at Bunker Hill.

Any thoughts?