Posted By:Manuel Benjamin Alderete
Subject:Alderete goes farther back than Spain...
Post Date:January 26, 2001 at 11:35:55
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For those of you who are swooning with delight that the name came from European Spain, or magically appeared in Mexico, I would offer a broader view.

Based on my own sincere research, it is most likely that Alderete came from the Moorish/Arabic/Moslem conquerers of North Africa who ruled Spain from the 700's through 1492.

As is common, many arabic names have the "al-" prefix. Some say this might be just coincidence, which might be possible.

Here are some sites that support this conclusion. Do a word find on each page for "Alderete".
It is said to mean "small farm":

Years ago in high school, I searched through a Surnames book just for fun. It too said that my surname meant "owner of a small farm".

I have also contacted some european Alderete's, and have found on this web site that Alderete "originates" in the Asturias region, which is northernmost Spain.

This makes sense in a way, given that the "Christian"(and previously "Visigoth") Asturias region was pretty much not directly ruled by the Moors, who we know invaded up as far as Tours, France, before being repelled by Charles Martel and his armies.

I would not be surprised if there were Moorish settlers or intermixed offsrping of Moors in the Asturias region who "Spanishi-ized" their names later, especially as the Christian forces retook their Spain and expected their Moorish and Jewish neighbors to become "conversos", or converts to Christianity.

If this is the truth about our name, we should appreciate it and not be hisrotically selective or ashamed merely because we want to attach ourselves to some "glory" of Spain, which for 700 years was the glory of the Arabic/North African Moors.