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Dot Drake,
From what you wrote about, ie: the events at the surrender of Ft. William Henry, Aug.1757, you pretty much have got your information correct.
May I add that the Massacre was not as big as was thought years ago. From present day historians the number of those actually killed or massacred range in the number of between 50 and 120 (+ / -). The Captured Blacks were taken back to Canada to be sold as slaves, and the Captured Indians were taken back to the Indian villages to be either adopted, or killed.
The British had a force of about 2600 people at Ft. William Henry in Aug.1757. The majority of the Surrendered British Regulars made it to Ft.Edward, the Provincials on the other hand were the ones who were hit the hardest by Montcalm's Indians. The majority of them also made it back to Ft.Edward, but they arrived darn near naked and scared as hell.
Your Ancestor had one hell of an ordeal, and I know that my reply hasn't answered that to which you asked. I just had to reply, and say thank you for sharing your information. I'm a French and Indian war Reenactor, and like to read anything about the era.
Jim Downey.