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Re: John Boggs & Turtle at Home (Cherokee)
Posted by: Elmer Boggs (ID *****4065) Date: April 22, 2006 at 18:48:06
In Reply to: John Boggs & Turtle at Home (Cherokee) by Mike Wren of 3475

Going through some of my files I came across the following and thought you may enjoy reading.
Best regards.

9 Lila (Lilly) Concene (twin) of Shoeboots born abt 1755
Reg. the Ridges removal to the west Shoeboots twin sister gets sick and dies . Shoeboots daughter Elizabeth stays behind to
bury her on the mans land that The Ridge group moved across.
9 Turtle At Home (twin) , Attakullakulla , Captain Chulio Shoeboots ( dasi-gi-ya-gi) -- 3/8th Shawnee-Cherokee-Creek Metis
[chickamauga cherokee] "Cherokee": Blood: Fullblood Cherokee Clan: Holly Clan (Ooloosta) born abt 1755 d. Sept 1829 md
(1) Ahyague "Cherokee" born abt 1760 (?daughter or relation of a Governor?)
(2) Clarinda Ellington
(3) Daull "Dolly" [ aka Congelloh or Cobcoblol ] [she is indian and black, a slave shoeboots married, or took as a wife]
Doll (daull )is said to have died in choctaw territory during the civil war. so maybe a possibility that she was part chickasaw.
Shoeboots being dragging canoe's relation probably had many occasions to have interaction with the chickasaw both in
georgia and KY. **
note: -- Shoeboots wife Dolly gets bounty land from shoeboots ( a Battlion leader at horseshoe bend) 120 acres in MO in 1858
and it looks like the HAMMER family(cousins) and John move to MO about then. Shoeboots is a captian in many wars and
signs many treaties, is interpeter for a few Principle Chiefs. like Pathkiller his probably grandfather at least by a sort of
adoption. ** It looks like the Hammer family also have up close and personal knowledge of the James family too, so John
couldn't have been far from where his cousins were also.
note: -- Shoeboots and first wife(s) would of been having children from 1775 to 1795 or so. but Shoeboots States " he has no
other children in the nation in 1824" so any children of shoeboots would be dead or missing from the nation in that year for
sure. not that they didn't come back after selling reservations etc. One of shoeboots daughters married a Boggs
moved to Creek Territory ?.
-- His grandson had a set of twin boys and the father of him was a boy ?girl set of twins. and think that shoeboots nephew had
twins too. **
Note :"Cherokee": Blood: Fullblood Cherokee Clan: Holly Clan (Ooloosta)
--- Shoeboots [Aka Turtle at home , White Owls Son, tuskingo/tishingo ( causing trouble name) horse), Chulio Shoeboots
(boots shoeboots)-( there are treaties showing just this name) , , Possibly little owl too, Teaskiyargi ( impersonal) turtle/terapin
shell) , Sullicooahwolu, Fulaquokoko , Sullecookiewalah ( political name) snapping turtle at home), Dasogiyagi ( personal) ,
going/getting like a hard shell turtle) , Tah see key yaw gee, Tuskingo ( horse. for stealing or stealing back horses) , ] son of
Attakullakulla-1/4th Shawnee-Cherokee Metis & NayO nay ( is how we said it) Ollie Nionee Oconastota 1/2 Shawnee-
Cherokee-Creek, daughter of Old Hop.]
---Point Pleasant 1774,
---Cherokee War, raiding KY-VA-OH 1777, Boonesboro, Crawford,
---March 15, 1792, Headman of Running Water town. (Shawnee) village,
---operated ferry at Nickajack (Shawnee) village,
---Capt. John Speers Co-U.S. Army-Creek War,

---Treaty 1805, 1806, husband 1780 of Ahyague-Cherokee born abt 1760., father of Tsinyahnehnaw
---Head man at Hightower/chota
March 15, 1792, Headman of Running Water town.
1818-19 Calhoun Treaty ceding land north of the Hiwassee River and North and West of the Tennessee signed by Secretary of
War John Calhoun and Cherokee in Washington and ratified by the U.S. Senate. The Glass, John Walker, Path Killer, Going
Snake and more signed. Treaty signer John Boggs may have lived at Little Cedar Mountain. His wife was Turtle At Home's
------In the summer of 1776, Dragging Canoe led attacks against white settlers, but didn't get much help, especially not from a
Cherokee Warrior named Nancy Ward, Ghi-ga-u, or Beloved Woman. Having learned of a large scale plan to attack the
Americans with the help of British troops, she informed traders William Falling and Isaac Thomas and provided them with the
means of setting out on a hundred and twenty mile trip to warn the settlers on the Holston and Watauga. The attack was
repulsed. Things were not going well for the resistance. Dragging Canoe was actually shot through both legs in one raid. The
old chiefs desired peace but Dragging Canoe thought it would be far better to abandon the old towns, move south, and
continue fighting. There was no way to beat the settlers with their rifles in open warfare, so during the winter of â76-77,
Dragging Canoe and his followers built new settlements in the Chickamauga Creek area of north Georgia. The discontented
from many tribes and even some renegade whites took refuge with him there where they became known as Chickamaugans.
Rather than capitulate with the older chiefs, the Chickamaugans waged war against the settlers for the next 17 years. Dragging
Canoe's band of disillusioned-warriors, under the leadership of lieutenants, Benge, John Watts, Glass, Turtle at Home,
Richard Justice, Doublehead, Black Fox, the half-breed Ooskiah of Abraham, and Raven, held out against the invaders. Their
guerrilla raids, from camps near present-day Chattanooga Tennessee and Mussel Shoals, Alabama, left a trail of scalps,
murdered victims, smoldering cabins and ruined crops. **
note: TREATY WITH THE CHEROKEE, 1806 - Turtle at Home signed along with others **
note: 1810 Turtle at Home - Speaker of Council. **-- Be it known That this day, the various clans or tribes which compose the
Cherokee Nation have unanimously passed an act of oblivion for all lives for which they may have been indebted, one to the
other, and have mutually agreed that after this evening the aforesaid act shall become binding upon every clan, or tribe; and
the aforesaid clans or tribes have also agreed that if in future, any life should be lost without malice intended, the innocent
aggressor shall not be accounted guilty.
Be it known also, That should it so happen that a brother, forgetting his natural affection, should raise his hand in anger and kill
his brother, he shall be accounted guilty of murder and suffer accordingly. And if a man has a horse stolen, and overtakes the
thief, and should his anger be so great as to cause him to kill him let his blood remain on his own conscience, but no
satisfaction shall be demanded for his life from his relatives or the clan he may belong to.
By order of the seven clans. TURTLE AT HOME Speaker of Council. Approved. BLACK FOX, Principal Chief. PATH KILLER,
Sec'd. TOOCHALAR. CHARLES HICKS, Sect'y to the Council. Oostanallah, April 10, 1810 **
o 10 Tsinyahnehnaw Chippewa was born in 1780 in Lower Towns, Nickajack, Tennessee. She died after 1830 in
Blount County, Tennessee. married John Boggs in 1798 in Lower Towns, Nickajack, Tennessee. John was born in
1770 in Tennessee. He died after 1830 in Blount County, Tennessee note: ** John Boggs was a member of
Boggs clan of Blount County, Kentucky - His family are known to be Eastern Cherokee, and continue that line
today in an unbroken string of Chiefs, which includes John's father. In 1986 the US Government recognize the tribe
as genuine. Study the following excerpt ... "In 1986, Florida Tribe of Eastern Creek Indians whose members include the
Boggs clan was recognized by the State. Today, they still maintain their ancient traditions. Their unbroken line of titled
chiefs is Tuskie Hajo Cochrane-1832; Polly Parrot, regent matriarch 1833-1898; Tuskie Hajo John James William
Joseph Boggs-1900; Tuskie Hajo James Daniel Boggs-1920; Alice McClellan Boggs, regent matriarch 1933-1961;
Tuskie Mahaya Hajo Dr. Andrew Boggs Ramsey-1962. The Tuskie Hajo (zealous Warriors) all descend from
o 10 Turtle At Home II
o 10 Peggy married principle chief Black fox.
o 10 Lila (Lilly) Concene (twin)
o 10 Chahwahyoocah Taketesky (twin) b abt 1737/50 md Pumpkin Boy
note--- [Testimony of Chau-e-u-kah, re: Estate of Doublehead, 6/12/1838] ".... Applicant states that a brother of Old

Doublehead named E-yah-chu-tlee was married to applicant, Chau-e-u-kah, and they had Catherine & he went off to
war and was killed in the war and left Catherine his only child and left a considerable quantity of goodproperty..."
note--- She is said to be the daughter of the grandmother of John Norton.
_ 1.Catherine PUMPKIN b abt 1782 md James SPENCER **
_ 1. Daniel SPENCER b abt 1811
o 10 . Elizabeth Jane Shoeboots [eliza, lizza jane] b 1808 ( aka Kahuga =roseberry) in KY , lived in GA, TN? , OHio ,
MO. IN. AR. married
(1) George Lavender [ 1 ch. ]
(2) Okilune Ferguson [ 1 ch. ]
(3) Jordan Ross about 1839, probably a part blood ( unknown tribe) most children born in OH. [1042 on the drennen
roll ) [ Jane killed him in self defense with a rolling pin when Robert was young?, but could be right after the civil war.]
[ Jordan Ross was also md April 26, 1831 to Marinda Jane Gilkison in Lawrence County, OH. She is the sister of my
3rd great-gfather, James Gilkison. Marinda Jane was bn in Fleming Co., KY, grddau. of John Gilkison from Augusta
Co., VA. ** ]
note --- 1817 Elizabeth --cherokee immigration roll as roseberry indian name Kahuga.
note --- 1835 removal roll as Eliza Shoeboots
note --- 1851 Drennen Roll as Lizza Boots.
note --- 1840 Census Lawrence County, OH Fayette Twp Jourden Ross 1 male 5-10, 1 male 30-40, 2 females under 5,
1 female 5-10, 1 female 20-30
note --- 1850 Census Lawrence County, OH Fayette Twp 131/132 Ross, Jordan 46 Laborer VA; Marinda J. 39 KY;
Nancy 18 OH; John 16 OH; Sarah 13 OH; Catherine 11 OH; James 8 OH; Noble 6 KY; Robert 3 twins OH; Ann 3 OH
note --- 1860 Census Boone County, KY Petersburg Twp 913/888 Ross, Jordan 56 Woodcutter VA, Jane 46 KY, John
25 OH, Catherine 19 OH, James 16 OH, Noble 14 KY, Robert 12 OH, Eliza A. 12 twins OH
---- Re: the Ridges removal to the west Shoeboots twin sister gets sick and dies . Elizabeth stays behind to bury her on
the mans land that The Ridge group moved across. Elizabeth marries this man they are in IT by 1842 at the time of the
Cherokee slave rebellion. the only name I have of this man is "Morton" on Dawes application by close relations of
shoeboots family) . the family goes by her name of boots in IT and Ross in white territories.
---- Elizabeth was enslaved because Georgia over ruled cherokee Law making all children of slaves freed by cherokee
invalid, and shoeboots died of old age by the time this happened so he can't protect her. Elizabeth was a slave for 5
years. she ( and her siblings, some who where not freed till after the civil war)pass as white on all IN. and AR. census's
and slave documents say she is a Yellow nigress. .
---- robert's mother and brother John where freed from slavery by shoeboots sisters Peggy and Lucy and John Ridge (
excutor shoeboots estate) before the removal. Elzabeth removed with the ridges. Daull cared for JOhn's ridges
----Elizabeth Jane Shoeboots uses the name elizabeth welsh after coming back from slavery in 1835. she is on her
dads farm and her sister mary polly is there too. she was probably afraid to use any name that would link her too her
black heritage at that point. so probably used a close relations name. but she is diffinately on her Dads farm on the
Etowah river.
---- Elizabeth and Morton Ross as listed on the Drennen rolls ** **
_ 1. ____
_ 2. Claude or George? Claude listed on an application to the cherokee nation. A Claude is listed there and I still
have to find him and his white identity but chances are he is the son of George Lavender if he is the oldest
child , My guess is he is a George, called? Okilune Furgeson
_ 3. daughter ( pureblood on census )
Sally (father Okilune? don't know if Okilune is Our John ross too or not)
_ 4. Ailse/Elsie C Ferguson b 1837 Lawrence Co, OH married William Vann. ( Ailse -fathered while elizabeth was
a slave by George Lavender)
_ 5. John Noble ROSS (elzy, ailse) b 1835 Lawrence Co, OH married (1) Katherine (2) Mary ___
--In 1880 John and mary are in Lonoke AR three kids, molly, Noble L, and george clinton dewitt ( he seems to

have too many names or he is twins, which run in this family). but he never marries so the dewitt have been his
joke name or something maybe. this family later by 1900 is in jackson CO AR. George clinton is still in the
house then. Robert and jemima lived with and robert died next door to John in Jackson CO just before the
census in 1900. Robert is also in blackoak and in laFeyette CO AR at some point.
--- in 1880 Noble, JAne and Katie ( katherine ross white dameron) is in JW dameron household in Logan co .
Noble marries Mattie camel in Lonoke in 1881. seems to not be with her in 1900 though and a MOrrison ross
shows up in censuses. , but suspect he is Morrison boots too.
--- It looks like John isn't the son of a john ross, it looks like he is a son of George Lavender and it looks like
john when he was a baby and his mother were bought back from slavery by Major Chief John Ridge and two of
shoeboots sisters Peggy and Lucy. they finally convince George lavender to sell them back Elizabeth Jane for
the sum of 2000 dollars in 1836 John would have been one year old or so , it appears he is born in july from
censuses. after Geogia over rules all cherokee law and imposes it;s own one drop of slave blood = a slave
laws on all children of slaves or ex slaves that were freed by the cherokee. by the way elizabeth my John's
mom is listed as white and called a "Yellow nigress" in some slave records, so she is reddish/blondish. all ( I
have found outside of IT) of shoeboots kids are listed as white in censuses. and her son robert is listed in his
civil war papers as 5''7" and brown hair and blue eyes, medium complexion. **
_ 1. Molly ROSS
_ 2. Noble L ROSS
_ 2. George Clinton ROSS never marries
_ 6. Catherine (sarah? sally) ROSS b 1841 Lawrence Co, OH married White / Dameron
_ 7. James ROSS b 1844
_ 8. Noble L ROSS ( morrison? or LOtty?) b 1846 Lawrence Co, OH md Mattie Camel/Campbell in Lonoke in
_ 9. Robert F ROSS b 1848 (twin) Lawrence Co, OH ( dasigiyagi as seen on the drennen roll ) [ dasigiyagi (
going/getting like a hard shell turtle) ] married (1) ____Edrington (2) Jemima Collins.
dasigiyagi = Robert Ross born 1848 signs as "boots' in mounted rifles but is dismounted for being too young to
serve. He later in civil war signs with the North in IN and OH. JOhn Ross, the John of quantrill's raiders, he at
least rode with them for awhile anyway.
He was a coal miner for awhile. and there were coal mines in COAL GROVE Lawrence CO. OH.**
_ 1. Clarence had a set of twin boys in Ca.
_ 1. (twin) boys in Ca.
_ 2. (twin) boys in Ca.
_ 2. Elzy
Robert names his second son after his favorite oldest brother, Elzia shortened too Elzy.
_ 10. Eliza Anne ROSS b 1848 (twin) Lawrence Co, OH [chahwahyoocah as seen on the drennen roll)
_ 1. (twin) boy
_ 2. (twin) girl
_ 11. Claude Ross
_ 12. Lotty Ross
_ 13. Morrison Ross in cherokee mounted rifles
o 10 . John Shoeboots (Shu-Boots) b 1814? in GA.
John Boots is set free from Chicot CO after the civil war , he was a slave [listed on a slave schedual ] I THINK he ends
up in IN with his family near indianapolis as William Boots born 1814 KY parents born KY listed as white.
o 10 . Mary Polly Shoeboots b 1817 in VA? married Robert Ross in 1839. most children born in IN. [1043 on the drennen
o 10 . Sarah (Sallie) Sally Shoeboots married ________ Stevens (Stephens)
_ William Stephens applied for citizenship w/ the Cherokee Nation CHM-58.
Before the Cherokee Commission on Citizenship Fort Gibson, Cher Nation April 22nd 1879. Shows his

mother's maiden name as Sarah Allenton, who was the daughter of Clarinda Allenton. They spelled it a few
different ways. It says Clarinda was married to a well-known Cherokee named Shoe-Boots whos Indian name
was well known in the War of 1812 w/ the Creeks and the U.S. When Clarinda left w/ their children Chulio
(Shoe Boots) considered them dead, but when he was old himself, changed his words, concerned about the
children. It says teh Claimant's own Uncle WIlliam Allenton, now living in Bosque Co. near Clifton Mills, Tx. was
recognized as a Cherokee by the Old Settler Cherokees and drew Per Capita as such at their payment of
1851-2 for himself and family and to the record of such fact as well as to himself. refers his uncle (Claimants)
being recognized as the son of Shu-Boots. **
o 10 Lewis Shoeboots (twin) abt 1824.
o 10 William Shoeboots (twin) abt 1824. in KY married Louisa in AR he lived in Ga or TN? , AR and IN then ?
9 Ollie Mollie Attakullakulla – 3/8th Shawnee-Cherokee-Creek Metis [Fullblood Cherokee Clan: Holly Clan (Ooloosta)] b abt
1744-56 d aft 1810 – daughter of Attakullakulla-1/4th Shawnee-Cherokee Metis & Ollie Nionee Oconastota-1/2 Shawnee-
Creek-Cherokee, married:
(1) Alexander CAMERON abt 1760- white Scottish born 1730; died December 29, 1781 in Pendleton Dist, SC
(2) ____ LOVETT Abt. 1780 born Abt. 1750.
(3) Thomas HARRISON -white abt 1792 born 1736 died Abt. 1819.
(4) Chief Black Fox [ Inali , Enola ] "Cherokee" 1795; born 1746 in Eustanali died 1811

** [believed to be the son of a Scottish trader named Black. The Blacks were one of the secret Jewish clans prominent in early North Carolina history.] , a lieutenant of Chickamaugan chief Dragging Canoe (died March 1, 1792), he married a cousin, a Jewess, in the time-honored manner of Marannos. Enola is not a Cherokee word, but it is found among the Choctaw and Chickasaw, and it may be Hebrew in origin. It is said to refer to the mysterious long-tailed animal called black fox in the fur trade and bear cat (mashiko) by the Tennessee Indians, actually a type of ferret (Martes pennati). The Black Fox family also married with the Looneys and Gists.**** Black is a Scottish name associated with clans Lamont, Macgregor and Maclean.
NOTE: Chief Black Fox died in the north of county, and was buried in an old mound; and in digging his grave, the Indians found some pieces of lead ore. ....

The mounds are heaps of earth in the form of pyramids. They are supposed to mark the burial places of the Chiefs. Some of them are very old, having upon their tops,growing trees of very large size. These mounds are to be found in thirteen different places in our county. Two or three of them are generally grouped
together, or within a half mile of each other. In Murphree'sValley, there is one group consisting of three mounds, from four to seven in height. In the trough of the Locust Fork, there are five distinct groups. - In Blountsville Valley, (and near Blountsville) there is one; and in Brown's Valley one. North-west of the
Mulberry Fork, there are four groups. These mounds are invariably in the valleys, on, or near the best bodies of land. This fact proves pretty clearly that the Indian settlements were in the valleys. Some knowledge of agriculture, may have led them to settle there, or it may have been the greater abundance of game and water found in such places. About these mounds, great quantities of flint spikes are found, which some persons believe were used as arrow-heads, but they seem unfit for such a purpose. The efficiency of the arrow, depends in a great degree upon its velocity; and arrows of sufficient strength to give great
velocity to these spikes, would be so heavy, that all the power of the archer would fail to give them the force requisite to enter the vitals of a large animal. If we consider them as knives, there would be many uses for them: - such as skinning animals, severing the carcass, scaling fish, and cutting or sawing
vegetable substances. Some of these spikes are six inches long, and weigh nearly a pound.

These placed on poles would be similar to the Mexican lance, and would be very useful against dangerous animals....Besides the mounds mentioned above, we find in different places in our county, heaps of stones, which are supposed to be graves of Indians. In many other places, numerous pieces of broken pottery are found; and near the junction of the Little Warrior and Locust Fork, we have the remains of an old fortification, (enclosing about half an acre) three sides of which are yet plainly to be seen….

---On Chief Black Fox's tomb the following description was written in An Account of Some Creek, Cherokee and Earlier Inhabitants of Blount County (George Powell, "A Description and History of Blount County," Transactions of the Alabama Historical Society at the Annual Meeting in the City of Tuscaloosa, July 9 and 10, 1855, pp. 60-64): ** -->

(5) James DOUGHTERY abt 1801 1/4th Shawnee-Cherokee Metis born 1750 died after 1818 Shawnee-Cherokee-Creek Metis, son of Ahneewakee MOYTOY & Cornelius Doughtery ** ** ** ---Harrison: Moravian Diaries; July 15, 1810: Mr Harrison is the step-father of Mrs [Susannah] Guerineau [nee Cameron].

** --- Harrison: 1817-19 Reservations: Res# 253; in Right of Children (widower) "About 2 miles below John Gunter's on Tennessee River"

note--- Dragging Canoe was the "Blood-Brother" of Alexander Cameron then perhaps his sister "Ollie" is the same as "Mollie" the widow of Alexander Cameron and the mother of Susanne Guerineau. May 27, 1814, Moravian Journals: Mollie, the mother of Mrs Guerineau. **

o 10 1 Susanne Cameron- listed above under Alexander Cameron adopted son of Attacullaculla]
o 10 2 Robert LOVETT, SR, b. Abt. 1780.
o 10 3 Lucy LOVETT, b. Abt. 1784.
o 10 4 Lydia LOVETT, b. Abt. 1788.
o 10 5 Susuannah LOVETT, b. 1790.
o 10 6 Jennie HARRISON, Ani'-Wa'ya = Wolf Clan (Peggy Scott ?) b. Abt.1792; d Abt. 1824; md.

(1) Chief DOUBLEHEAD, Bef. 1807; b. Abt. 1744, Stearns, KY; d. August 09, 1807, Hiwasse River, TN
(2) Samuel GUNTER, Bef. 1824; b. 1796, Creek Path [Guntersville, AL]; d. July 08, 1838.
o 10 7 Annie Crying Bear Dougherty [ listed above under James Doughtery son of Ahneewakee MOYTOY & Cornelius DOUGHTERY]
o 10 8 James Dougherty Jr [ listed above under James Doughtery son of Ahneewakee MOYTOY & Cornelius DOUGHTERY]
o 10 9 Susan Dougherty [ listed above under James Doughtery son of Ahneewakee MOYTOY & Cornelius DOUGHTERY]
o 10 10 Elizabeth Dougherty [ listed above under James Doughtery son of Ahneewakee MOYTOY & Cornelius DOUGHTERY]
o 10 11 Elsie Dougherty [ listed above under James Doughtery son of Ahneewakee MOYTOY & Cornelius DOUGHTERY]
o 10 12 Rachel Dougherty [ listed above under James Doughtery son of Ahneewakee MOYTOY & Cornelius DOUGHTERY]
o 10 13 Daughter Dougherty [ listed above under James Doughtery son of Ahneewakee MOYTOY & Cornelius DOUGHTERY]
o 10 14 Nancy Ann BlackFox or Nunhyi (her namesake was Nancy Ward, literally, She-Who-Consorts-with- the-Spirit-People), md. William Isaac Cooper a Choctaw in 1793 b abt about 1775 in N.C. d October 8, 1821/abt 1840 in Kentucky s/o Henry Cooper & Mary Houston **, all from Echota, the Cherokee capital.

William was also md to Pollt Bookout June 6 1810 **
[[ Mary Ann Black, had previously married William Davis (1753-1848), , a Revolutionary War soldier born in Virginia in 1753 died and was buried in Maynard’s Cove on Sand Mountain in 1848. He became a chief at Creek Path, Black Fox’s future town of residence in northern Alabama. Rachael Black married Michael Cline. Black Fox, married Lucy
Bolen, of Pocahontas’ people. ]]

--- 1799 Isaac Cooper is named in the List of Taxes and Taxable property in the bounds of Capt. (George) Bean's Company, returned by William Stone Esquire 1799. This was in Cherokee country (Sequatchie) in Tennessee, later Grainger County.

--- 1814, he was granted a certificate that later entitled him to 4x50 acres (200 total) of land in Wayne County, Ky., pursuant to the treaty with the Cherokee Indians at Tellico. The land was on the Little South Fork in Tellico Bounds.

The survey for his tract was dated June 10, 1815. --- 1820 Wayne Co., Ky., census

--- 1822 gave surety for his daughter Polly Bookout's marriage to John Lovelace in the same county.

--- 1810 Wayne Co., Ky. 21010-21010-00

---The Isaac Cooper mentioned in the membership records of the Quaker settlement in Wrightsboro, Ga., 1774-1793 (wife Prudence Dunn) is probably not related

--- The Coopers are considered to be Melungeon, or Black Dutch, and are sometimes found listed as Free Persons of Color or Indian. Naming patterns, family traditions and DNA testing confirm they are Jewish.

--- Isaac Cooper, rumored to have been a mixed blood Choctaw-Cherokee who married a daughter of Cherokee principal chief Black Fox (Enola, Inali, died 1811). The court record presented Isaac Cooper giving a deposition in the home of James Cooper in newly-formed Jackson County, Alabama. It concerned the Great Salt Works of the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River in Wayne County, Kentucky

--The Big South Fork of the Cumberland River empties into the Cumberland River in Pulaski Co. East of Burnside. Today, the River is mostly in McCreary Co. KY, and then crosses the border into Scott and Fentress Co's. TN. Years ago, before McCreary Co. was formed, the West/North bank of the River was Wayne Co. KY, and Fentress Co. TN. The East/South bank (the River runs mostly North to South, with a large bend near Bear Creek that turns the flow East to west for a few miles, then it turns South once more), was Pulaski and Whitley Co. KY, and Campbell and
then later on Scott Co. TN. In the 1900's, this was a coal mining area, and today, it is a National Park. It is stunningly beautiful place, with large bluffs along the River canyon.

--- In 1807, John Francis first reported the discovery of saltwater along the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River.

This initial discovery was reported to be "near the mouth of Bear Creek, where Richard Slavey now lives". (I believe that Richard Slavey and John Francis where in laws, as both married a woman named Mounts.) Francis and Slavey petitioned the State Legislature, and in 1811, received a Grant for 1000 acres, conditional upon their production of a 1000 bushels of salt. The time limit for this production was later increased, due to the War of 1812. By the time the
1000 bushels were produced (around 1818), several other items of interest occurred: John Francis received another Grant just South of the 1000 acres for the same purpose; Marcus Huling, working with Col. James Stone, sank another saltwater well, on the sight of Francis's other Grant; Stephen F. Conn, Martin Beaty, and a host of other people became involved in these enterprises in several different ways. This activity started a series of Law Suits, lasting up into the
1830's, as well as the accidental sinking of the world's first oil well (Post: HISTORY: Salt Works of the Big South Fork (BSF), Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 22:16:14 –0400, Submitter: Lanny R. Slavey). ** ** ** ** **

_ 11 . 1 James Cooper b 1795 d bef 1850 md (1) ____ abt 1812 (2) Lucretia Blevins March 17, 1814 in Wayne Co., Ky. b in Va d in Arkansas

--- October 8, 1821 Deposed Isaac Cooper at home in Jackson Co., Ala.

--- 1832 Character witness for Jacob Troxell, Marion Co., Tenn.

--- 1850 Newton county, Arkansas White page 4 Dwelling 54; Lucretia Cooper age 68 born Va could not read or write; Martha G. age 14 born Ala; Julia age 8 born Ala ** **

_ 12. 1. Isaac N. Cooper born August 22, 1812 in Wayne county, Kentucky and died September 29, 1872 in Limestone, Newton Co., Arkansas married Narcissa Jane Ritchie abt. 1834. She was born March 24, 1814 in South Carolina and died September 9, 1908 in Limestone, Newton county, Arkansas.

note: 1850 Census Newton county, Arkansas White page 4 Dwelling 52 : Isaac Cooper 38 Farmer 3000 Ky could not read or write : Narcissa 35 born SC : George W. 14 born Ala : Tennessee 12 born Ala : James 10 born Ala : Thomas 8 born Ala : Lucretia 5 born Ark : Polly 2 born Ark : Edith 17 born Tenn **
_ 13 1 Edith Cooper b 1833 in Rutherford Co., Tenn. married ___ Wallace
_ 14 1. Narcissa Jane Wallace b 1855
_ 14 2. William Wallace b 1857
_ 14 3. James Wallace b 1860
_ 14 4. Thomas Wallace b 1865
_ 14 5. Arizona Wallace b 1866
_ 13 .2 George Washington Cooper b February 4, 1836 in Dekalb Co., Ala d April 4, 1919. md

Minerva Ann Morris on January 9, 1861 in Newton county, Arkansas. b 1847 d 1934 dau of
Isaac F. Morris 1820 Benton TN & Jane Mary O'Daniel 6-18-14 NC

NOTE: Served Union Army (Ark.)
_ 14 1. Jane Cooper (Infant) b 1860
_ 14 2. Tennessee Gerne Cooper b 1862
_ 14 3. Isaac Franklin Cooper b 1865 d 1940 md Daisy Dean Lee
_ 14 4. Mary Parlee Cooper b 1866 d 1949. md Andy Dearing
_ 14 5. Nancy G. Cooper b 1868
_ 14 6. John Harmon Cooper b 1870.
_ 14 7. James Cooper b 1872
_ 14 8. Thomas Richard Cooper b 1874.
_ 14 9. Virginia Jesse Cooper b 1876
_ 14 10. Martha Ann Cooper b 1879
_ 14 11. Margaret Elizabeth Cooper b 1882
_ 14 12. Laura Frances Cooper b 1884
_ 14 13. Georgia Sarah Cooper b 1886
_ 14 14. Lillie May B. Cooper b 1888
_ 13 2. Tennessee Gerne Cooper b 1838 in Lebanon, DeKalb Co, Ala married Gwin P. Ewing
_ 13 3. James C. Cooper b March 28, 1840 in Lebanon, DeKalb Co, Ala d March 21, 1919 in

Harrison, Boone county, Arkanas. married Tellitha Ann Doolin. b 1841. **
_ 14 1. Narcissa Jane Cooper b 1860
_ 14 2. Mary Ann Cooper b 1862
_ 14 3. Lucinda Elizabeth Cooper b 1863
_ 14 4. John Henry Harmon Cooper b1868 married Lula Wheeler.
_ 15 1. Sherman Cooper b 1887
_ 15 2. James Cooper b 1889
_ 15 3. Thomas Cooper b 1892
_ 15 4. Bessee Cooper b 1893
_ 15 5. Hiram Cooper b 1896
_ 15 6. Rebecca Cooper b 1897
_ 15 7. Josie Cooper b 1900
_ 14 5. Cresia Levina Cooper b 1870
_ 14 6. Nancy Devina Cooper b1874
_ 14 7. William Harmon Cooper b 1876 d 1906 md Shable Jane McMahon
_ 15 1. Benjamin Coy Cooper b 1895
_ 15 2. Bonnie Pearl Cooper
_ 15 3. Elnora Cooper
_ 15 4. Covey Ann Cooper
_ 13 4. Thomas Cooper b 1842 md Mary Ann Dodson b 1847
_ 14 1. Ples Harmon Cooper b 1878 md Martha Brison
_ 14 2. Alabama Cooper b 1875 md Warren N. Sams
_ 14 3. Allen Cooper b 1881
_ 14 4. Mary Cooper b 1883
_ 14 5. Jackson Cooper b 1885
_ 13 5. Lucretia Cooper b Jan 11 1846 d 1904 md (1) James M. Hampton (2) William H. Houston
_ 14 1. Isaac Hampton b 1864
_ 14 2. Narcissus Catherine Houston b 1872
_ 14 3. Adeline Houston b 1868
_ 14 4. Charles A. Houston b 1869
_ 14 5. Joseph Houston b 1874
_ 14 6. Martha Houston b 1877
_ 14 7. Andrew Jackson Houston b 1878
_ 14.8 Jane Paralee Houston b1880
_ 14 9. George Houston b 1882
_ 14 10. John Houston b 1887
_ 13 6. Mary Cooper b 1848
_ 13 7. Margaret Cooper b 1852. md Andrew J. Casey
_ 13 8. Martha Ann Cooper b 1854 md L. Rile Jones b about 1842
_ 14 1 Mary Elizabeth Jones b 1877
_ 13 9. Hiram Harmon Cooper b 1856. md Margaret M. Gilmore. b 1864.
_ 14 1. James J. Cooper b 1884
_ 14 2. Dave N. Cooper b 1892
_ 14 3. Albert T. Cooper brn 1896
_ 14 4. Isaac Franklin Cooper b 1902
_ 14 5. Coecie M. Cooper b 1906
_ 14 6. George Washington Cooper b 1880 md (1) Martha L. Cheatham (2) Angeline

_ 13 10. William Cooper b 1858. md Sarah Davis on Jan 19, 1875 in Newton Co, Arkansas.
_ 12. Edith Cooper b 1833
_ 12. Martha G. Cooper b: abt 1836
_ 12. Julia Cooper b abt 1842
_ 11 2 Mary (Polly) Cooper [ jalagi aqua da ni la ] b Oct 30, 1797 in Ky d August 17, 1862 in Wayne Co., Ky. buried Bethel Baptist Cemetery, Parmleysville, Wayne Co., Ky. married

(1) Benjamin Bookout on March 15/25, 1814 in Wayne Co., Ky. by Rev. John Smith. Benjamine, son of Charles and Anne Bookout. b abt 1793

(2) John Lovelace SR on May 16, 1822 in Wayne Co., Ky [by John Stephenson, surity by Isaac Cooper.] b 12 March 1801, NC died 16 Sept 1867, Wayne Co., KY, Polly and John are buried at Bethel Baptist Cemetery Parmleysville, Wayne Co., KY.

--- Employed :15 APR 1859 Postmaster, Rock Creek, Wayne Co., KY ** ** ** **

_ 12 . 1 Serrilda Ann Bookout b abt 1816 md John C. Koger February 2, 1842 in Wayne Co., Ky.
They had at least 4 children. **
_ 13 1. William Koger born about 1844
_ 13 2. Polly Koger born about 1845
_ 13 3. Sarah Koger was born about 1846
_ 13 4. Nancy Koger was born about 1849
_ 12 . 2 John Bookout was born about 1818
_ 12 . 3 Sarah (Sally) Lovelace b. Dec 1825 Parmleysville, KY d. May 1880 Wayne County, Kentucky md

Alvin Koger 19 Nov 1843 in Wayne County, Ky b 11 Feb 1820 in Wayne County, Ky. d 27 Dec 1909 in Parmleysville - Wayne County Kentucky, at age 89 s/o William Koger and Mary "Polly" Bookout. Bethel Baptist Cemetery Parmleysville, Wayne Co., KY.
1860 Wayne County Census, Alvin is listed as a farmer. ** **

_ 13 1. Isaac Koger, Sr. born in 1845 in Wayne County KY. md Talitha GREGORY (b. Jul 1835,
d. 17 Feb 1912) on 18 Dec 1862. They are buried at Bethel Baptist Cemetery Parmleysville,
Wayne Co., KY.

_ 14 1. Mary F. Gregory b 12-21-1871 d 6-30-1950md George Washington Bell 25
December 1890. They are buried at Bethel Baptist Cemetery Parmleysville, Wayne Co., KY
_ 14 2. Cullen Koger b 1-5-1866 d 11-11-1948 md Lucetta Burnett. They are buried at
Bethel Baptist Cemetery Parmleysville, Wayne Co., KY
_ 13 2. John Koger
_ 13 3. Louisa Koger born 13 Jul 1847 Parmleysville, Wayne County, Ky died 22 Mar 1941, at
age 93. Wayne County, Ky married William M. Gregory.[Twin] Dec 14 1864 Wayne County,
KY (b. 30 Oct 1841, d. 27 Oct 1910) s/o Mary Bell and Miles Gregory. They are buried at
Bethel Baptist Cemetery Parmleysville, Wayne Co., KY.
_ 14 1 Mary Jane Gregory born Dec. 1, 1865 married James Bell 10 Apr 1884.
_ 14 2 Marion F. Gregory b 10-13-1868 d 5-27-1897 md Emily Alice Burnett. They are
buried at Bethel Baptist Cemetery Parmleysville, Wayne Co.KY
_ 13 4. Calvin Koger b 2-28-1848 d 10-1-1929 md Burnetta Gregory Keeton. They are buried at
Bethel Baptist Cemetery Parmleysville, Wayne Co.KY
_ 13 5. Mary Jane Koger;
_ 13 6. Charles Koger b 4-24-1853 d. 4-8-1938 md Nancy Florence Ryan . Buried at Elk Spring
Monticello City. Wayne Co, KY; (Section #5) Pg. 124 - 138
_ 13 7. George Washington Koger;
_ 13 8. Sarah Ann Koger;
_ 13 9. William A. Koger;
_ 13 10. Sarilda Ann "Relda" Koger b Dec 10 1861 d June 28 1944 md Fleming Bates Dobbs .
They are buried at Elk Spring Monticello City. Wayne Co, KY; (Section #5) Pg. 124 - 138
_ 13 11. Lucetta C. Koger Burnett b 8-26-1863 d 10-21-1904 md Marion Cullen Koger . They are
buried at Bethel Baptist Cemetery Parmleysville, Wayne Co.KY
_ 14 1 Nancy Ann Koger b 7-2-1883 d 10-18-1974 md (1) William Cooper Davis (2)
James M. Dobbs (3) James Bell . Nancy is buried at buried at Bethel Baptist Cemetery
Parmleysville, Wayne Co.KY
_ 14 2 Odie Marion Koger b 10-23-1892 d 2-18-1971 buried at Bethel Baptist Cemetery
Parmleysville, Wayne Co.KY
_ 14 3 Ada Koger b 11-17-1894 d. 8-2-1987 md ___ buried at Bethel Baptist Cemetery
Parmleysville, Wayne Co.KY
_ 14 4 Edgar Koger b 6-9-1896 d 12-8-1953 md Emma Shelton. They are buried at
Bethel Baptist Cemetery Parmleysville, Wayne Co.KY
_ 14 5 Beckham Koger b 1-27-1902 d 6-19-1916 Son of Lucetta Burnett and Marion
Cullen Koger. They are buried at Bethel Baptist Cemetery Parmleysville, Wayne Co., KY
_ 13 12. Leann Koger.
_ 13 13. Polly Ann Koger.
_ 12. 4 George Earl Lovelace b .... d. 24 Apr 1864; md. Mary Pollyanne Koger/Couger
Family originally came from SC to KY to Sand Mtn in Ala. ** ** **

_ 13 1. died smallpox /measles.
_ 13 2 died smallpox /measles.
_ 13 3 died smallpox /measles.
_ 13 4 Shelvy Lovelace married Leeann Grider
_ 14 1 Marvin Lovelace married Rose Waters, Marvin killed in car wreck.
_ 15. 1 Hubert Currey Lovelace.
_ 14 2 Maude Lovelace ,
_ 14 3 Mary Lovelace ,
_ 14 4 Allie Lovelace
_ 14 5 Effie Lovelace md __ Clepper lived in S. Pittsburg TN.
_ 13 5 Henderson Lovelace, b. 1853; m. Rebecca Jane Clark **
_ 14 1 George Wesley Lovelace, b. 20 May 1878; m. Mary Enualine Shirley
_ 15 1 Press Lovelace,
_ 15 2 Clarence Shirley Lovelace
_ 16. 1 child Lovelace
_ 17. 1 Liz *--*
_ 15 3 Jim (James) Lovelace,
_ 15 4 Alvin C. Lovelace b. 20 Dec 1903 d. 10 Nov 1969 m. Mattie Victoria Webb
_ 16 1 George E. Lovelace, Sr.
_ 17 1 George E. Lovelace, Jr.
_ 15. 5 Obie Lovelace
_ 15. 6 Ellie Lovelace
_ 15. 7 Lucy Lovelace
_ 15. 8 Nanny Mae Lovelace
_ 15. 9 Lois Lovelace
_ 14 2 Ida Lovelace married Hop Grider
_ 14 3 Mary Lovelace married Bob Rice
_ 13 6 Preston Lovelace died as young man
_ 13 7 Lottie Lovelace married a Crossland.
_ 14 1
_ 14 2

_ 12 . 5 Isaac Lovelace b: 1827 in South Fork, Wayne Co., Ky d 3 Jan 1914 in Texas md (1) Mary "Polly" Rice 23 NOV 1848 in Wayne Co., Ky b: 7 MAR 1820 (2) Matilda___ 1885 b: 1830

_ 12 . 6 James Henry Lovelace b Oct 2, 1829 Wayne Co., Ky d March 1, 1914 Jasper County, Idaho md Lucinda Young June 21, 1852 in Wayne Co., Ky.

_ 12 . 7 Charles Lovelace b 1831 in South Fork, Wayne Co. Ky md Zeralda Burnett April 13, 1856 in Wayne Co., Ky.

_ 12 . 8 John Lovelace Jr b December 27, 1832 South Fork, Wayne Co., Ky d December 2, 1888 Wayne Co., Ky md Lucinda Scott Sep 21, 1854 At her parents home, Wayne County, Ky;b c1835 Morgan County, Tennessee; died Dec 30, 1917 Clinton County, buried Pealia Cemetery, Clinton County, Ky. ** ** **

_ 13 1. Thomas J. Lovelace b 28 April 1857 d 3 Nov 1877,
_ 13 2. William H Lovelace b 7 Aug 1858 d 11 Oct 1916,
_ 13 3. Mary Jane Lovelace b 28 July 1861 d 25 Jan 1904,
_ 13 4. John Lovelace Jr., b ca 1867
_ 14 Charles Brooks Lovelace and Cyrena Parmley
_ 15 Amp Lovelace
_ 16 Eddie C. Lovelace
_ 13 5. Charles Lovelace b 11 Mar 1875 d 28 Mar 1942,
_ 13 6. Dudley Lovelace b ca 1877--
_ 13 7. Fox Fountain Lovelace b 26 Aug 1878 d 7 Sep 1921 married Margaret Leora Kennedy b 28 Aug 1880 d 9 Nov 1956. He is buried at Cooper Cemetery, Cooper Ky, outside Monticello, Ky.

_ 14 1. Clarence Edison Lovelace b 18 Feb 1900 d 5 Jan
1924, buried at Alexander Cemetery, Monticello, Wayne Co., Ky

_ 14 2. Otha Fox Lovelace b 28 June 1902 d 3 Sep 1931,
buried at Alexander Cemetery, Monticello, Wayne Co., Ky

_ 14 3. Infant son born 14 July 1904 d 10 Aug 1904,

_ 14 4. John Will Lovelace b 4 Dec 1905 d 24 Dec 1941 married Mary Lola Guffey buried at Alexander Cemetery, Monticello, Wayne Co., Ky
_ 15 Mary Virginia Lovelace b 23 Sep 1928 m William Anson
Davis b 22 May 1923 d 15 Sep 1979
William Anson Davis is of indian decent (Neuseioc-Coree, and Mattamuskette
_ 16 William Kevin Davis 25 Feb 1956 [8-2005]
_ 16. Mary Tina Davis b 13 Nov 1963 m Alan Saddler
_ 14 5. Lyle ( Lisle on death cert) Kennedy Lovelace, b ca
1912 d Sep 1931, buried at Alexander Cemetery, Monticello, Wayne Co., Ky
_ 14 6. Lewis Scott Lovelace, b ca 1918 d ca 1945, buried at
Alexander Cemetery, Monticello, Wayne Co., Ky
_ 14 7. Ina Louise Lovelace. b 2 Nov 1910 ,
_ 14 8. Fay Elizabeth Lovelace b 15 Aug 1920. at the 2004 writing of The Moytoy
Familiy a Cherokee History of my Lineage, the two daughters were still living.
_ 13 8. Barlow H. Lovelace b ca 1880
_ 13 9. Roxie A. Lovelace b ca 1887
_ 13 10. child
_ 13 11. child
_ 12. 9 William Lovelace b 1835 married Elvina Young
_ 12. 10 Harmon Wayne Lovelace b 5 April 1836 in Wayne Co., Ky d 6 Feb 1891 in Parker, Linn Co., Ky
md Mary Jane Scott October 12, 1858 in Wayne Co., Ky.
_ 12. 11 Mary Jane (Polly) Lovelace b 2 Aug 1832 in Wayne Co., Ky d 9 JAN 1880 in Pueblo, Wayne
Co., Ky md (1) Isaac Burnett September 19, 1857 in Wayne Co., Ky. (2) John Conway Jefferson
Selvidge Sept 23 1863 b: 14 Mar 1838 **
_ 13 1. Savannah BURNETT b: Abt 1859
_ 13 2. Ellen T. BURNETT b: Abt 1860
_ 13 3. Adalaide BURNETT b: Abt 1862
_ 13 4. John W. SELVIDGE b: Abt 1865
_ 13 5. Martha SELVIDGE b: Abt 1866
_ 13 6. Mary SELVIDGE b: Abt 1867
_ 13 7. Julia SELVIDGE b: Abt 1869
_ 11 3 Sarah Cooper b: March 9, 1800 in Tennessee d November 16, 1874 in Buffalo River, Newton Co., Ark.
md John Adair b: August 13, 1794 in Tennessee d September 6, 1878 in Buffalo River, Newton Co., Ark. **
_ 12 2. JAMES ADAIR, b. 1817, Tenn m. MARGARET (PEGGY) CECIL b. 1821.
_ 12 3. JOHN ADAIR IV, b. 1829, Tenn m. REBECCA ANN BRISCO b. 1828, Ark..
_ 12 4. BARBARA ADAIR, b. 1831, Tenn m. HARMON COOPER.
_ 12 5. ISAAC ADAIR, b. 1832.
_ 12 6. WILLIAM HARRISON ADAIR b. 1837; d. 1864.
_ 12 7. SARAH G. ADAIR, b. 1840, Arkansas.
_ 12 8. HARRIS ADAIR, b. 1842.
_ 11 4 Nancy Cooper b 1803 in Wayne Co., Ky. d: 1880 in Temple, Bell Co., Texas md (1) ____ (2)
Jonathan Burke March 31 1820 b: 28 Aug 1797 in Pittsylvania Cty , VA; [ mother was
Elizabeth Troxell, his grandmother Anna Saenger, daughter of French trader Chartier and a Shawnee woman.
The Burkes were Irish-Sephardic Jewish (also spelled Burks, Burges and Burgess).] separated in 1850,
widowed in 1876.
Ethnicity/Relig: Nancy: Half-blood Cherokee Indian
--- ** Burke family tradition has it that two of Nancy Cooper Burke's brothers were involved in the Mexican War.
William could be one, and Isaac was certainly the other. Nancy was said to be one-third Cherokee (between a
half and a quarter).
--- "In the 1880's Peter Burke [Nancy and Jonathan Burke’s son] loaded an ox wagon and took his mother Aunt
Nancy and went to Oklahoma. They were nine weeks on the road. Aunt Nancy rode through on a little bay
mare whose name was Teen. I can't forget how she looked when I last saw her. Her last words to my mother
were, and I quote, 'Farewell, we'll meet again.'” (W.H. “Huse” Blevins, 1869-1964). Nancy never made it to
Indian Territory, where they had Choctaw relatives. She is believed to have died and be buried in the town of
Temple, Bell Co., Texas. ** ** ** **
_ 12 1. Peter Burke b 1821 m. (1) SUSAN MILLIGAN b. Abt. 1820 (2) ELIZA ANN LEWELLEN
_ 12 2. Elizabeth Burke b. 1823; m. WILLIAM RILEY HATFIELD.
_ 12 3. Susan Burke b. 1825, Wayne City KY; d. March 1851, Deerhead Cove, DeKalb Co., Ala.; m. (1)
WILLIAM COOPER, Abt. 1842; b. Abt. 1820, Kentucky; d. 1847, Ga. (?); m. (2) JAMES COOPER, Abt.
1850; b. 1822, Alabama.
_ 12 4. John Granville Burke b: May 1828
_ 12 5. Hayden Burke b. May 07, 1828; d. March 1903, Eufala, Okla.; m. NANCY LEWELLEN, 1862,
Nobusiness Creek, Scott Co., Tenn.; b. February 28, 1845, New River, Morgan Co., Tenn.; d. February
20, 1879, McAllister, Oklahoma.
_ 12 6. John Granville Burke b. May 1830; d. 1900; m. ANNA (ANNIE) BLEVINS; b. 1843; d. 1933.
_ 12 7. Harmon Burke b. October 1834; d. March 25, 1911, Oklahoma; m. POLLY ANN SMITH, April 01,
1867, Scott Co., Tenn.; b. December 1831, Tennessee; d. April 20, 1915, Powell, Okla..
_ 12 8. Mary "Polly" Burke b. 1835; m. CYRENOUES CARSON; b. September 1837.
_ 12 9. Jonathan Burke b. January 1837, Wayne Co., Ky.; d. November 29, 1915, Canadian, Oklahoma;
m. MARY JANE MILLIGAN; b. Abt. 1820.
_ 12 10. Sarah "Sally" Burke b. October 13, 1838; m. WILLIAM (BILL) MILLIGAN.
_ 12 11. Lewis Burke b. January 1840; d. 1903; m. SARAH (SALLY) BLEVINS, June 11, 1868, Scott
Co., Tenn..
_ 12 12. William Burke b. 1849.
_ 11 5 Isaac Cooper b abt 1804 in Wayne Co., Ky. d December 23, 1847 in Vera Cruz, Mexico md Mahala Jane
(Jenny) Blevins January 21, 1823 in Marion Co., Tenn b abt 1801 in Virginia d aft 1870 in Dekalb Co., Ala. or
Marion Co., Tenn. d/o Probable dau. of Jonathan Blevins and Charlotte Muse Ethnicity/Relig.: Part Cherokee,
per grandson Peter Cooper NOTE 1860 Dade Co., Ga., as Jinny Cooper (wrongly indexed as Linny Cooper)
NOTE: 1820 Wayne Co., Kentucky census, p. 92
---1830 Age 30-40, Marion Co., Tenn., p. 58
--- 1840 Age 30-40, Muscogee Co., Ga., with family
--- 1843 Bought land S27 T3 R10E DeKalb Co. AL
---1845 Age 43, bought land S27 T3 R10E, also 1847,
---same Ethnicity/Relig.: Halfblood Cherokee Note on Isaac Cooper, Jr.
--- Note on Isaac Cooper, Jr.---Isaac Cooper was a railroader from Kentucky who died in Vera Cruz, Mexico. He married Jenny Blevins of the Long
Hunter Blevins family. Burke family tradition in Texas says that two of Nancy Cooper Burke's brothers went away to the Mexican War, and one
never returned to Tennessee but stayed in Texas and raised a large family there. Peter Cooper in his ECA says Isaac was related to Chief Fox
(=Black Fox) of the Cherokees.
-- The Cooper-Blevins connection goes back at least to 1777 in Henry Co., Va., when William Blevins deeded 120 acres on Beaver Creek to John
Cooper (Deed Book 1, page 79, October 20, 1777). Coopers and Blevinses were commissioned as lieutenants in the militia in the same county at
the outbreak of the Revolution.
A James Cooper was living in Jackson Co. on Oct. 8, 1821, when an Isaac Cooper gave a deposition at his home for the law case of Conn v.
Francis in Wayne Co., Kentucky. The suit was Stephen T. Conn v. John Francis (1818-1830s), originating with the discovery of saltwater along the
Big South Fork of the Cumberland River near the mouth of Beer Creek by John Francis, who received large grants of land for salt production during
the War of 1812. Isaac worked in Conn's Big South Fork Salt Works, and his son Harmon later married a Francis girl. This is the earliest
documention of these Coopers in what was then the border to Cherokee lands along the Tennessee River. A James Cooper entered land bought
from DeKalb Co., June 2, 1842: S 13 T10 R6 (probably not the same).
An Isaac Cooper bought land in Marion Co., Tennessee, in the 1830s. He had moved there about 1825. He is counted in the 1830 census on page
58. There were seven in his household: 3 males under 5, 1 male 5-10 years old (Jackson Cooper?), 1 female under 5 and his wife 20-30 years old
(Jenny Blevins?). About 1838, he settled in Deerhead Cove, Dade County, Ga., on the Alabama line (DeKalb Co.)
In 1840, Isaac Cooper appears to have been in Muscogee Co., Ga., perhaps in Columbus, a railroad hub. The household consisted of 1 male 10-15
years old, and 4 females ranging from under 5 to 15-10 years old, together with a female 30-40 years old (=Jenny Blevins). He appears as part of a
whole page of men engaged in manufactures and trades; three of his household apparently worked for the railroad, which must have included his
wife, Jinny.
Isaac Cooper bought land on cash sales from the Lebanon land office in Dekalb Co., Ala., Sec. 27, Tsp. 3S, Range 10E (next to James Blevins) on
two occasions: June 1, 1845 and April 10, 1847. In August of 1847, he enlisted in the army.
Isaac Cooper fought in the Mexican War at age 43 and died in Mexico. According to Billie Groening, Isaac Cooper joined the army August 5, 1847,
in Dade Co., and was a private in Calhoun's Battalion. He entered the hospital in Vera Cruz November 7, 1847 and died December 23, 1847.
A John Cooper (perhaps a brother) and Sarah Motley were married in Montgomery Co., Ky. April 25, 1822 by the Rev. Racoon Smith.
An Isaac Cooper s/o Frederick Cooper and Hannah Richards was born 26 March 1799 in Cedar Creek in Frederick Co., Virginia.
An Isaac Cooper was counted in the 1820 Sumner Co., Tenn. census, age 26-45, with wife, 2 daus., p. 148. ** **
_ 12. 1 WILLIAM5 COOPER, b. Abt. 1820, Kentucky; d. 1847, Ga. (?); m. SUSAN BURKE, Abt. 1842; b.
1825, Kentucky; d. March 1851, Deerhead Cove, DeKalb Co., Ala..
_ 12. 2 SALLIE COOPER, b. Abt. 1820.
_ 12. 2 JAMES COOPER, b. 1822, Alabama; m. (1) UNKNOWN FIRST WIFE; m. (2) SUSAN BURKE,
Abt. 1850; b. 1825, Kentucky; d. March 1851, Deerhead Cove, DeKalb Co., Ala.; m. (3) MARY --------,
Abt. 1852; b. Abt. 1839, Alabama.
_ 12. 2 JACKSON (JACK) COOPER, b. Abt. 1825, Kentucky; m. MARY ANN SIZEMORE, Abt. 1842,
Dade Co., Georgia, probably; b. Abt. 1828, Ga..
_ 12. 2 SUSAN E. COOPER, b. Abt. 1826; d. April 17, 1901; m. WILLIAM E. ADKINS, April 20, 1863,
Henry Co., Tenn.; b. Abt. 1828, Kentucky; d. 1863, Arkansas.
_ 12. 2 JOHN COOPER, b. Abt. 1828, Tenn d. Bef. 1870; m. LOUISA --------; b. Abt. 1828, Tenn
_ 12. 2 HARMON COOPER, b. January 08, 1830, Tennessee; d. August 21, 1879, South Pittsburg,
Marion Co., Tenn.3; m. MALLIAH (DELIA) FRANCIS, 1849, Marion Co., Tenn.; b. Abt. 1833, Georgia;
d. January 12, 1897.
_ 12. 2 . MARY (POLLY) ANN COOPER, b. 1831.
_ 12. 2 GAINES COOPER, b. 1833, Tennessee; m. LUCRETIA --------, Abt. 1857; b. Abt. 1843.
_ 12. 2 JEMIMA (MIMA) H. COOPER, b. 1839; d. Abt. 1875, Shellmound, Marion Co., Tenn.; m. JOHN
H. HOLLOWAY, June 28, 1854, Dekalb Co., Ala.; b. February 1828, Tenn.; d. Aft. 1900, Indian
_ 12. 2 NANCY FRANCES COOPER, b. Abt. 1842
_ 11 6 William Cooper b 1807 in Wayne Co., Ky.d October 1859 in DeKalb Co., Ala. md Susannah (Susan)
____b abt 1807 in Kentucky
NOTE: 1840 W. Cooper, DeKalb Co., Ala. Fact 3: 1830 White Co., Tenn. (?)
1850 Dekalb Co., Ala., age 43, born Kentucky WILLIAM4 COOPER (ISAAC3, HENRY2, -----1) was born 1807
in Wayne Co., Ky., and died October 1859 in DeKalb Co., Ala.. He married SUSANNAH (SUSAN) -------. She
was born Abt. 1807 in Kentucky.
_ 1 . JAMES COOPER, b. October 22, 1824, Kentucky; d. June 15, 1888, Alabama; m. LUCINDA
HAWKINS, May 02, 1847, Dekalb Co., Ala.; b. December 28, 1824, McMinn Co., Tennessee; d.
September 22, 1907, Etowah Co., Ala..
_ 12. 2 JOHN C. COOPER, b. Abt. 1827.
_ 12. 2 NANCY COOPER, b. June 28, 1832, Wayne Co., Ky.; m. (1) ---------------; m. (2) ARCHIBALD D.
BLANSETT, SR., September 03, 1865, Dade Co., Ga..
_ 12. 2 MARY (POLLY) ANN COOPER, b. Abt. 1837.
_ 12. 2 ELVIRA COOPER, b. Abt. 1838.
_ 12. 2 THOMAS B. COOPER, b. Abt. 1840.
_ 12. 2 MALINDA COOPER, b. Abt. 1842.
_ 12. 2 MANORAH COOPER, b. Abt. 1845.
_ 12. 2 CAROLINE COOPER, b. Abt. 1847.
_ 12. 2 ADALINE COOPER, b. Abt. 1850
_ 11 7 Harmon Cooper, Jr. b Aug 24, 1811 in Ky d July 7, 1886 in Tenn md
(1) Mary Ann "Polly" Adkins May 27, 1830 in Monticello [Wayne Co.] Ky. daughter of BENJAMIN ADKINS and
CATHERINE STIGALL. b Abt. 1814 in Monticello, Wayne Co., Ky., d August 17, 1868 in Ky. buried Mt, Pisgah
[Cooper -Adkins ] Cemetery - Ethnicity/Religion ,Cherokee-Choctaw, Paint Clan **
(2) MAHALA JACKSON 1849 in Tennessee.
(3) Martha Slagle Abt. 1860, dau of WilliamILLIAM S Slagle PILE and NARCISSA SABIENS. She was born
September 10, 1841 in Tennessee, and died September 20, 1920. **
_ 2. TELITHA LEANNE COOPER, b. April 21, 1831; d. May 18, 1902, Norman, I.T.; m. ANDREW H.
_ 3. LUIDA (LUCINDA) COOPER, b. 1833.
_ 4. CATHERINE COOPER, b. Abt. 1834.
_ 5. ISAAC COOPER, b. Abt. 1835.
_ 6. SON COOPER, b. 1836.
_ 7. LUCINDA JANE COOPER, b. April 28, 1838, Wayne Co., Ky.; d. September 15, 1911, Sumner Co.,
Ks.; m. (1) RICHARD GRIFFITH; m. (2) CALVIN KOGER, 1860.
_ 8. JOHN GRANVILLE COOPER, b. Abt. 1841; m. MARY MARTHA GRIFFITH, 1863, Wayne Co., Ky.;
b. 1847.
_ 9. BENJAMIN TURNER COOPER, b. December 05, 1843, Kentucky; d. April 20, 1930, Topeka,
Kansas; m. JANE CATHERINE ADKINS, August 25, 1867, Wayne Co., Ky.; b. March 28, 1846; d.
February 23, 1920, Jennings, Decaturn Co., Kansas.
_ 10. NANCY ELLEN COOPER, b. April 03, 1845, Wayne Co., Ky.; d. February 15, 1915; m.
JEFFERSON KOGER, November 24, 1864; b. 1847; d. 1919.
_ 11. WILLIAM H. COOPER, b. Abt. 1848.
_ 12. GEORGE WASHINGTON COOPER, b. May 27, 1848; d. 1941, Grinnell, Poweshiek Co., Iowa; m.
TELITHA LEGRAND ADKINS, June 08, 1868, Scott Co., Tenn.; b. 1851.
_ 14. MILLEY COOPER, b. October 30, 1852; m. MERRITT GILBREATH.
_ 15 James COOPER b Nov.30,1854 in Monticello,Ky d March 17 1932 KY md (1) ESTER BERTRAM
(2) Rose Ann SLAGLE July 27, 1876.b: March 6,1858
_ 1. Sam Cooper b Oct.13,1879 d Feb.11,1942 in Albany ,ky. married Wayne UPCHURCH b:
Dec.3,1884 ** *****
_ 1. Sam Cooper b Oct.13,1879 d Feb.11,1942 in Albany ,ky. married Wayne
UPCHURCH b: Dec.3,1884 ****
_ 1. Edgar porter COOPER b: april,27,1917 in albany,ky. **
_ 2 Bert COOPER b: jan.31,1900 **
_ 3 Albert Jack COOPER b: may 16,1912 d march 7,1980 in albany ky.
_ 4 John L. COOPER b: april 27,1924 d 4-21-1945 in pearl harbor
---Note: sgt.killed in action in world war II was on one of the ships that was
bombed by japan in pearl harber
_ 5 Marie Cooper b: july 6,1919 d june 6,2001 md Paul Perdue [Marie lived at
HC 71 Alpha, KY. Her son lives there now.]
_ 6 Flonnie Cooper md ___Wright
_ 7 clifton COOPER
_ 8 Ode COOPER
_ 9 Bert COOPER
_ 10 Alta Cooper md Leo Ballinger,
_ 16. CANSADA COOPER, b. February 03, 1859; d. February 26, 1946; m. MORRIS CULWELL
(CULLOM?) ADKINS; b. August 29, 1854.
Children of HARMON COOPER and MARTHA PILE are:
_ 17. ALVIN COOPER, b. January 31, 1872; m. (1) WILLIE WHITE; m. (2) MARTHA SLAGLE, January
16, 1892, Wayne Co., Ky..
_ 18. ALFRED COOPER, b. October 21, 1873; d. October 14, 1944; m. MARTHA HURT, March 17,
1903, Wayne Co., Ky..
_ 19. VICTORIA COOPER, b. June 21, 1876; d. July 26, 1923; m. LEROY HOUSTON SMITH, October
01, 1893, Wayne Co., Ky..
_ 20. SILAS COOPER, b. August 18, 1879; d. February 14, 1965; m. (1) FLORENCE GREGORY (2)
_ 21. ROSA COOPER, b. Abt. 1884.
_ 22. JOSEPH COOPER, b. Abt. 1885; d. February 05, 1964; m. MARY (POLLY) BURNETT.
9 Little Owl aka Little Owl Attakullakulla b abt 1740 d 30 Sept 1792, Buchanan's Station, Cherokee Nation (East) - 3/8th
Shawnee-Cherokee-Creek md Cherokee Woman
[ aka Ookoosdi-Nahoolah-White Mankiller-Unegadihi-Unakata-Ishettechi-Unakateehee ] from the Overhills,
raiding Ohio-New River valleys 1758,
Pontiac War, Bushy Run, raiding New-Jackson-Greenbrier River valleys 1763,
raiding Ohio-Big Sandy-Little Kanawha-New River valleys 1772,
Point Pleasant 1774, Boonesboro, a seceding Headman 1777, a Chickamauga, raiding KY-OH-VA 1777-81,
Dragging Canoe's Emissary to the British in Detroit & CAN,
raiding Ohio River valley 1788 ** **
9 Old Abraham born 1746 in Chilhowee. Killed in 1788 at Chilhowee by Kirk --Fullblood Cherokee Clan: Holly Clan (Ooloosta)
[, Chief Ooskiah Oskuah "Cherokee" Old Abraham, Abraham of Chilhowee , Old Abram]
Fought with General George Washington in Virginia
Brother to Hanging Maw who was Chief in 1788
9 Wurtagua Paintclan b. bf 1756 d aft 1760 md bf 1756 John WATTS
o See children under John Watts md OoYoSti above
9 Whiteman Killer
9 Daughter married Tahlonteeskee
1 Dragging Canoe born about 1738± in the Overhill settlements of the Cherokees -Chola Or Esatua,
village of Tenase,(now Monroe County, East Tennessee). , ** d.1 Mar 1792 in Lookout Town, TN ; buried
near Running Water town in a seated position so that he could watch over the 10 towns of the
Chickamauga branch of the Cherokee Nation.---Below is noted a different burial at Chattanooga md .(1) Eni
(2) Ugalogv U-ga-lo-gv Leaf, Nelly Pathkiller b 1734 d/o Chief Pathkiller I and Peggy______
- 3/8th Shawnee-Cherokee-Creek Metis [ aka Tai-yu-gunsini , Headman, Great Island, Tsi'yu Gansi'ni
(Chees-you-guh-see-nee) ["Canoe (tsi'yu), He is Dragging It (gunsini)"] [Chickamauga Tsalagi Cherokee ]
Great Warrior Chuconesne, The Savage Napoleonwas , Drags Canoe, Tsiyugunsiny, Dragon ] ** **
He was six feet tall, broad and muscular and his face was disfigured with scars from smallpox at the age
of 8 in an outbreak that devastated fully half the Cherokee population. This, and the continuing lose of
Cherokee land to white settlers, squatters, and speculators convinced Dragging Canoe to maintain
relentless opposition to "accomodation" in any form. In 1776 following a series of altercations Dragging
Canoe withdrew to the Chattanooga area where he and his followers became known as the
---- Pathkiller was the last reigning Oukah and Emperor. However, William Shorey Coodey (Dayunita) was
next in line, and the office was never abolished, nor were any of the old Cherokee ways abolished, due to
what is called the "Whitepath rebellion" , the purpose of which was to preserve the old Cherokee ways..
"Canoe (tsi'yu), He is Dragging It (gunsini)" or Dragging Canoe, was given him as a young boy because of his persistance. This is an
insight into his character that would later serve to keep his loyal followers fighting the white settlers in most adverse conditions. On one
occasion when his father was leading a war party against the Shawnee, the young boy attempted to drag a large canoe into the water
to follow the war party. Dragging Canoe was said to be a few years older than his cousin Nancy Ward (born 1738), daughter of Tame
Doe - was the sister of Attakullakulla, Dragging Canoe's father. Brent Yanusdi Cox in his book Heart of the Eagle suggests that
although no conclusive records exist to prove it he believes that Nionee was Dragging Canoe's mother. He bases this on the fact that
Nionee helped raise Nancy Ward and was associated with Tame Doe. Attakullakulla resided in the village of Tenase through 1755 so
this is likely the place of Dragging Canoe's birth.
---- As tensions grew between the white men and the Cherokee, one legendary War Chief took matters into his own hands. Chief
Dragging Canoe, the fiercest warrior in the history of the Cherokee people, mustered 1200 warriors and traveled south to the North
Georgia area known as Chickamawgee (now Chickamauga). There he formed a confederacy of like-minded Cherokee, Choctaw and
Creeks. For nearly two decades at the close of the 18th century, this Chickamawgee Confederacy captured and killed thousands of
White Men.
--- As his reputation grew, so did the legends of Dragging Canoe. It was widely believed this fierce warrior had supernatural powers.
When he died in combat against John Sevier (who would later become Tennessee's first governor) his body was cut in half and the two
pieces buried miles apart to prevent him from raising from the dead. His death did not put an end to the fighting, however, and the
Chickamawgee Confederacy continued to wage war against the United States until the early 1800s. **
---- Dragging Canoe -- War Chief -- Chickamauga Cherokee leader born in about 1730 along the Tennessee River. His father,
Attakullakulla, was a peace chief. Headman from Great Island village, raiding Ohio-New River
--- 1758, Pontiac War, Point Pleasant
--- 1763 **
Nicholas Carpenter (1743-1791) Nicholas resided in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and finally in Ohio.
He was a patriot during the American Revolution and served as a private in Capt. William McClelland's riflemen from Frederick County, MD, in 1764. Nicholas Carpenter served as a
member of Wesmoreland County Rangers which was comprised of men from the Monongahala Valley. John Hardin was captain of his company. In April of 1763 Nicholas
Carpenter's name was placed on Capt. Hardin's claim sheet asking pay for services rendered for the army. He was paid for his services as a blacksmith. At this time he resided in
Monongalia County, Virginia (now Harrison County, West Virginia).
Nicholas Carpenter was a very prominent man and very wealthy for the Clarksburg section of VA (now W.VA). From H.P. Hildreth¹s History of Early Times: Nicholas Carpenter died
by Indians led by a Shawnee brave named Tecumseh. Carpenter had fixed a young Indian¹s gun some years previous and he had not charged the young Indian anything. Carpenter
was not scalped or his body mutilated when found and a good blanket was wrapped around the body and a new pair of Indian moccasins was on his feet. Tecumseh was the young
Indian for whom carpenter had fixed his gun some years before. When Tucumseh recognized the man they had killed as the white man who had fixed his gun, he repaid in the only
way he knew. One man, an old Indian scout, escaped.
Years later Christopher Carpenter while in Urbana, Ohio, talked to one of the Indians in the party that had killed his father in 1791. Mr. Carpenter was with his 10 year old son,
Nicholas, and eight drovers taking a drove of cattle to Marrietta, Ohio, and also to the army at Fort Harmer.
He had been a Judge of the Court in Harrison County for fifteen years. He had on his farm in Ohio a gun and blacksmith shop, a store and a schoolhouse. He owned 2,000 acres of
land and had an orchard of 400 apple bearing trees at the time of his death. He carried his produce over the mountains on mules. His death was very much lamented by the people.
Had he not met an early death he would have been one of the great and rich men of this country. He died at the early age of 48.
The minute book of Harrison County vol. 1 states that Nicholas Carpenter was in Harrison County, VA (now W. VA.) in the year 1772 as in that year he bought of John Simpson 400
acres of land. Carpenter built a two-story log house on this land in 1786 that stood more than 100 years.
1774, raiding KY-VA-OH with Cheeseekau (brother of Tecumseh) & Bob Benge
He was from the Overhills, 1775. and from Great Island.
In 1775, Cherokee leaders exchanged much of their land for trade goods in the Treaty of Sycamore Shoals. Dragging Canoe and his
followers refused to sign the agreement with the American settlers; they later accepted arms from the British in the American
--March 13; Daniel Boone is present as Richard Henderson and Cherokee leaders gather to sign the Treaty of Sycamore Shoals. More
than a thousand Cherokees, "big and little, braves, squaws, papooses, came to see the treaty made." Their greatest Chiefs were there;
Atacullaculla (Leaning Wood), Oconostata (Groundhog Sausage), Tsiyu-gunsini (Dragging Canoe). It was here that Dragging Canoe
took Daniel Boone by the hand and made the now famous statement; "Brother, we have given you a fine land, but I believe that you will
have much trouble in settling it." By the time the feasting and celebratng was beginning, Boone had already left to meet with his
brother, Squire, and his party of woodsmen. He was headed to Kentucky. **
---As chief of the Chickamauga band of Cherokee, Dragging Canoe and his warriors led many raids in 1776, and militias responded by
destroying Cherokee villages and crops.
---In 1776 following a series of altercations Dragging Canoe withdrew to the Chattanooga area where he and his followers became
known as the Chickmaugans.
---In 1777, after Cherokee leaders signed away more of their lands, Dragging Canoe, Bloody Fellow, and other Native Americans
continued to resist the settlers. The violence continued until all of the Chickamauga villages were destroyed. Some of the bloodiest
battles were at Blue Licks and Boonsboro, Ky.
---Cherokee name, Tsikamagi, no meaning, Creek origin from Chukko-micco, "Dwelling Place of the War Chief" Located within
Chattanooga's present city limits, on Chickamauga Creek (Brainerd area). Village settled in 1777 by Dragging Canoe and the warriors
formerly of Great Island. Destroyed in April 1779 by Colonel Evan Shelby.
---John Archie was from Running Water, and was a half- breed trader who lived with Dragging Canoe in 1777.
--- In 1782, Dragging Canoe moved downriver with his people, but these new towns were destroyed as well in 1784. Dragging Canoe
finally surrendered. He saw later treaties removing his lands little by little until his death in 1792.
---Cherokee name, Amogayunyi, "Running Water." Located three miles above Nickajack. One of Five Lower Towns of the
Chickamaugas, settled by 1779. The principal settlement of the Chickamauga- Cherokees. A large Shawnee population resided here.
Tecumseh and the Prophet visited here. This was Dragging Canoe's headquarters. This settlement was located on the south bank of
the Tennessee River, and contained one hundred dwellings. It was destroyed by Major James Ore 13 September 1794. ** ** ** ** **
--- In the early 1800s the Cherokees realized they would be pushed from their lands if they didn't somehow fit in with the settlers. They
formed a system of government modeled after the U.S. government, complete with executive, legislative and judicial branches. It
included a Supreme Court, which existed from 1822 to 1835 and heard 246 cases - mostly civil.
--- According to old court records, the estate of Dragging Canoe sued Peggy Pathkiller to recover slaves names Simon and Pheby,
some horses, hogs, cattle and a set of blacksmith tools. The court returned to the estate Simon, four head of cattle and the tools.
1. Chief Nettle Carrier CARPENTER "Cherokee" [aka , Talotiskee, Taladanegiski ,tala-dane-gisks : Ta-le-da-ga-ni-gi-ski
translated as Hemp Carrier, Flax Toter & Nettle Carrier all based on the word ta-le-ta (Pilea pumila) a plant whose fibers were
used to weave cords and cordage.(from Mooney, 1900). ] Bird Clan b 1752 in Toqua; killed in battle 1793 at Ish's Station, TN;
married A Ni Di "Cherokee" in 1733 b 1768. Blood: Full Blood Cherokee Clan: Paint Clan (Ailsey) was a chief (probably a town
chief) on Valley river in what is now Cherokee county, NC.
NOTE: Nettle Carrier listed on the 1817 Emigration Roll indicating he migrated to Arkansas Terr. ** ** **
o 1. Margaret WINNINGHAM b abt. 1807 in TN, d bef 1870 in TN., md Henry R. CRAVENS s/o Joseph CRAVENS and
Mary___. b 1799 Randolph Co. NC, d 1850 in TN **
o 2. Darkas WINNINGHAM born 1812 in TN, died 1887 Boatland, Fentress Co. TN, married (1) Governor Jesse
ROBERTS. b 22 October 1798 Overton Co. TN, d 21 September 1866 Overton Co. TN (2) Michael CRAVENS b 1809
in TN, d 1872 TN. s/o Joseph CRAVENS and Mary___. **
_ 1. Joseph Peter Cravens md Nancy Ann Threet 27 Oct 1859 Early Overton County, Tennessee
_ 1. Logan Cravens b 1891 d March 28, 1923 Fentress Co Death Cert. # 374 Fever-pneumonia
Informant on death certificate Albert Craven : Death Certificate
_ 2. William Cullham (Cul) Cravens md Margaret ___
-- lived around Jamestown Tn. **
_ 1. Mary Elizabeth Cravens md Ruben Ailey Bertram. b 4 Jul 1894 in , Fentress, TN. d 6 Mar
1971 buried in Taylor Cem., Fentress, TN. Ruben also married Ella Ann COOPER ** **
_ 1. Minnie Bell Bertram b 16 Feb 1931 in , Fentress, TN. d 4 Oct 1995 in Jamestown,
Fentress, TN buried on 6 Oct 1995 in Farrell Cem., Overton, TN. **
_ 2. James Harrison Cravens md Elma Simpson . ---
Photo is James H , Marla , and Elma
_ 1. Lewis Cravens
_ 1. Marla Cravens DeBot
o 3. Delia Winningham **
o 4. Hannah Ward Thatcher Carrier (abt 1795 - abt 1860 Overton Co, TN) dau of Nettle Carrier md Joseph 'Big Jo'
Jefferson Copeland III on January 15, 1806 b 1783 in Jefferson Co,Tn, d April 17, 1857 in Copeland Cove, Overton
County, TN. ** **
NOTE: Big Joe was said to be at least 7' 3" tall, weighed 350 pounds. His wife was also a very large woman. All sons were said to be over 6'5", with Stephen
7'. Joseph Anderson Enlistment papers list him as 6'4'
NOTE: Joseph Copeland was a man of gigantic size,there are many stories about is exhibitions of strength. It was as a hunter that Joseph was well known,
one story told was that he killed sixty two grown bears in one winter.
NOTE: In choosing a wife ,Joseph married chief Nettle Carriers daughter,Hannah. In her prime she weighed about three hundred and fifty pounds. The
smallest of their children was known as 'Little Ellis and he weighed 360 pounds.
They were famous locally for running foot races and winning.
NOTE: There is a family story that Big Joe purchased the cove from Chief Nettle Carrier for $120 and a horse. Source: Edward H.Vaughn
NOTE: He was a famous Tennessee strongman and hunter, who was living in Overton Co. until well into the nineteenth century.
NOTE: Early spring of 1791 ,Col.Stephan Copeland, one of the oldest families of North Carolina ,accompanied by his son Joseph ,left Jefferson Co. for the
Cumberland country.Following an indian trail over the Cumberland mountains ,they pursued their journey , carring few supplies ,brought from Kingston. They
camped in a valley which is now known as Overton,Tn.and they planted a crop of corn. Col.Copeland hunted many days with an Indian chief, Nettle Carrier. As
a Cherokee chief he signed a paper authorizing a turnpike company to open a road through the reservation. After cultivating his corn crop, Col.Copeland and
son returned home ,and became the first settlers of Overton Co.Tn. ** ** **
_ 1 James R. COPELAND b. 1787; d. 1857; m. Elizabeth SWALLOWS.
_ 2 Agness COPELAND, b. 1803, Copeland Cove,Overton,Tn.
_ 3 Louisa Jane COPELAND, b. March 23, 1809.
_ 4 Jefferson/James Madison COPELAND b 1811 md Mary Copeland
Around 1859, the Jefferson Madison COPELAND and Jasper Newton COPELAND families moved from
Overton,TN to Williamson County, Texas.
_ 1 Jasper Newton Copeland b. 1834 Overton, TN, d. 1867, TX married Selina /Sarah Fisk JACKSON b.
1830 TN, d. TX. dau of George JACKSON b. 1792 and Margaret [LNU - possibly FISK]. Around 1859,
the Jefferson Madison COPELAND and Jasper Newton COPELAND families moved from Overton,TN
to Williamson County, Texas.
_ 1 Margaret Thatcher Copeland md __ White
_ 1 James Andrew White
_ 1 Lowell White
_ 1 Jackie Mae Bishop
_ 2 James Copeland b 1841 md Julia B. Perry
NOTE: ** Served in Civil War
_ 1 Sarah Copeland b Sept 5 1881 Williamson Co, Tx md (1) William B. Martin on April 9 1915
Williamson Co, Tx (2) ___Hawley **
_ 1
_ 1
_ 1 Barbara Lattimore
_ 3 Little Ellis Copeland --weighed 360 pounds.
_ 5 Moses Wilkerson COPELAND, b. February 18, 1812.
_ 6 Stephen Harrison COPELAND.
_ 7 Joseph Anderson "Andy" COPELAND, b. August 21, 1821.
_ 8 Solomon COPELAND, b. August 18, 1824; m. PAULINE SWALOWS.
_ 9 Sarah COPELAND, b. 1825.
_ 10 Octavia COPELAND, b. August 04, 1828.
2 Little (Young) Dragging Canoe [ Tsiyu Gansini, Ga Na Si Ni, Chuleo, Consene, Concenion, Chucunseen, Cheucunsenee,
Chuconsene, Young Owl , Chuleowah, and Gentleman Tom (by the Moravians) aka Little Owl Canoe ] full blood Cherokee. b
abt 1745 d 1792 killed at Buchanan Station,Lookout Tower March 1, 1792 3/16th Shawnee-Cherokee-Creek Metis | or was it ?
1836 in Saline Dist., I.T. ** md
(1) Sajma - a Cherokee Woman d bef 1804 [ Half sister to Catherine Swimmer ] **
(2) Nancy Hughes b abt 1775 - white women -or [Jincy /Jennie / Pearlie Pinyan (Pinson?) **
--- Dragging Canoe (the younger; Cherokee chief), 11:314 is noted in The Papers of George Washington
--- Dragging Canoe is shown Mustered in 25Oct1861 - Muster roll at Fort Gibson , I.N. 5 Nov1861 1st Cherokee Mounted
Riflemen **
--- Point Pleasant 1774,
raiding KY-OH-VA 1777 with father,
British Army-Revolution, Cheeseekau & Bob Benge 1777, British Army-Revolution, Capt. James Foster Co U.S. Army-Creek
--- Canada and Native People"Our Nation was alone and surrounded. We were forced to leave our towns-- and now we live in
the grass as you see us. But we are not yet conquered."-- Tsiyu Gansini, 1779**
---"....Finally the whole country, which the Cherokees and their fathers have so occupied, will be demanded, and the remnants
of the Ani Yunwiya, the "Real People", once so great and formidable, will be compelled to seek refuge in some distant
wilderness.. Should we not therefore run all risks and incur all consequences, rather than submit to further laceration of our
country? Such treaties may be all right for men who are too old to hunt or fight. As for me I have my young warriors about me.
We will have our lands. __ Tsiyu Gansini (Dragging Canoe), Cherokee
***Dr. Emmett Starr references : Canoe (3) pgs 336, 341, 381 : Consene (2) pgs 329, 336 ** **
---. twin **
o 1 Tom Acaraca b: ABT. 1794 [ Akanoock Whirlwind Aiareuea Chuleowah and Conessena of Pine Log]
o 2. Harry Connesuna
Fact Sold land in 7th Dist., Sect. 3, Cass Co. on Etowa River on behalf of his father, Chulio, deceased
o 3. daughter Connesuna
o 4. Dragging Canoe III
o 5. Christiana Dianna Tucker
o 6. David John Conseene - Tucker b April 8,1801 NC d August 1883 Gilmer Co., GA in I.T. Died in Civil War of
smallpox, 3rd Reg., Co. K, Pvt. [1/2 Native Cherokee] md
(1) Charlotte Lillie Rowe b: 1827
(2) Ruby Holloway b. April 25, 1806 Ohio/Kentucky d. 1887 Indian Territory(present day Adair Co., OK ** **
--- John was raised by a man named Ned Tucker and apparently adopted the name of Tucker.
--- He is buried at Goose Island Cemetery in Gilmer Co. Ga. ** Ledford-Sisson Families ** **
--ROLLS: Eastern Roll **
1817 Reservation Roll; Charles Tucker
1817 Emigration Roll: Edward, Ruby, Thomas and Will Tucker
1835 Henderson Roll: Isaac, John and John Tucker
1848 Mullay Roll: Allen, John, Rebecca, Ruby and Telitha
1851 Drennan Roll
1851 Siler Roll: James, Jane, John,John, Luereta (3) Martha, Ruby, Nancy, Minerva Rebecca, Sutiza and Yierrullen.
1852 Chapman Roll: James, Jane, John, Rebecca, Ruby, Nancy, Martha, Martha, Sutiza, and some others.
1883 Hester Roll: James W., John Jr., Martha, Ruby and several others.
1908 Churchill Roll: No Tuckers
1909 Guoin Roll: James, James, John, John, John, John, Mary E., Mary P., big bunch of others.
1924 Baker Roll: No Tuckers.
Western Roll:**
1851 Old Settler Roll: a bunch of Tuckers including a William and Nancy.
1852 Drennen Roll: one Tucker on page 267.
1909 -1914 Dawes/Miller Rolls: Many Tuckers, including Lucindas, Lucindas, several Johns,(2) Jennies (2) Charles, a
Zeke, and a whole bunch more.
_ 1. Frank (Car-Tas-Kee) Consene b: 1845 in Saline Dist., I.T. d 26 JUL 1899 in Locust Grove, I.T. md Joanna
Martin b: SEP 1850 in Delaware Dist., I.T. in 1869
---Old Settler Roll, Flint District
_ 1. Thomas Franklin Consene b: 29 OCT 1876 in Saline Dist., I.T.
_ 2 Mary Jane Tucker married David Tucker
---1851 Chapman Rolls Gilmer county -Mary jane listed as Jane **
_ 3. John M. Consene (Tucker) [ Quh-La-Net , Quh-La-Lut] b. abt 1800 Gilmer Co.,GA d Jan. 4, 1938 #1364
death certificate
met (1) Martha Elizabeth Cook Abt. 1829 in North Carolina b 11 March 1804 in SC d 22 April 1887 in Pickens
County, Georgia. dau of Thomas Cook, Jr. and Polly Hames (?2) Margaret Mary Robertson (Robberson) b. abt
1848 NC
---Cherokee application # 5271. Sufrona Lathem says John Tucker was in Gilmer Co., Ga.. Samuel Robertson
says he is 80 years old. I knew Mrs. Sufrona Lathem. Christianna Dianna Chapman was her great
grandmother. She was a sister to John Tucker. Mr. Tuckers mother was a Pinyan. John Tucker lived in Gilmer
Co., Ga.He was enrolled in 1851. **
--- On the 1851 Siler Roll, John Tucker and family appear on page 80.
--- John Tucker drew money from the rolls in Murphy, NC.
--- John Tucker was an interpreter during the removal, Trail of Tears, he was also 50% Cherokee and married
to Ruby Holloway.
** **
--- Whites Among The Cherokees, page 194, "Editor's Note: At least two other Cherokee Families were
allowed to become Georgia Citizens through a legislative act passed in 1840. David Kell, his wife and children
and John Tucker, his wife and children, all of Gilmer County.
--- On Indian Research- Roll 6 Claim No.423,(Claims by Eastern Cherokees) application dated 21 September
1906, John "Consene/ Concenion Tucker's son, John M. Tucker b.11 January 1846-Gilmer Co.,GA- states "My
father's name was Consene and was taken in and raised by some people by the name of "Ned" Tucker. My grfather
was full bloodied Cherokee. My father was born in Cherokee Co.,NC. Both my mother and grmother
were "White" women. My father was 82 when he died. My mother died in the west about 1885. My mother was
Ruby Holloway. My father had l/2 bro & sis-Jim and AKe Walkingstick. AKe md a Roe." John M. (above) lists
his wife, Marget Robertson and their 10 children in 1906.* ** **
--- 1851 (Siler) Census of Cherokees East of the Mississippi:JOHN & RUBY TUCKER, & Children. FAMILY
B:1.NANCY TUCKER, 23, "not married, mixed." 2. Albert LaFayette TUCKER, 1, mixed. FAMILY C1.
"LIEUELLEN" TUCKER, 26, male, mixed. (Married to a white woman. . . .) 2. Martha Elizabeth TUCKER, 1,
_ 1 Richard V. Cook, b 11 November 1829 in NC d Aft. September 1913 in Jasper, Pickens Co, Georgia;
married (1) Sarah Matilda Land 13 July 1848 in Georgia b March 16 1833 in NC d aft 1910 in Jasper,
Pickens Co,. Ga dau of Reb Isaac Land and Rebecca Bevins (2) Caroline Shipman 23 September
1913 in Pickens Co, Georgia. **
_ 1 Gazaway Cook b 15 September 1849 in Georgia; md Becky Reinhardt
_ 2 Martha Blevins Rebecca Cook, b 1851 in Georgia; md Jackson Holcomb Abt. 1874 in
Pickens Co, Georgia; born 1851 in Georgia;
_ 3 John Jackson Cook, b 1 September 1853 in Georgia; md Martha Jane Bef. 1874; b Abt.
1852 in Georgia.
_ 4 Richard Isaac Cook, b 31 January 1855 in Georgia; md Martha Jane Turner 4 June 1874 in
Pickens Co, Georgia; b Abt. 1857 in Georgia
_ 5 James Jasper Cook b 31 October 1857 in Pickens Co, Georgia; d 3 August 1924 in Calhoun,
Gordon Co, Georgia; md (1) Jane ___ Bef. 1889; b 1879 in Tenn (2) Jennie Pilcher 15 Dec
1908 in Gordon Co, Georgia
_ 6 George Washington Cook, b 23 May 1861 in Jasper, Pickens Co, Georgia; d 16 August
1933 in Trion, Chattooga Co, Georgia; md (1) Jane Dryman abt. 1880 in Georgia b 1862 in
Pickens Co, SC; d 1891 dau of Leonard Dryman and Nancy Alexander. (2) Eliza Jane Denson
11 August 1892 in Bartow, Georgia, (3) Birdie Lee Carroll 23 December 1912 in Floyd,
_ 1 William David Cook, b 2 Jan 1882 in Pickens Co, Georgia; d 13 March 1943 in Fort
Payne, DeKalb Co, Alabama; md Martha Minttie Fulton 29 March 1901 in Floyd Co,
Georgia; b 3 Feb 1887 in Jackson Co, Alabama; d 8 Sept 1953 in Chattanooga,
Hamilton Co Tennessee.
_ 2 Lizzie Belle Cook, b 28 Jan 1883 in Pickens Co, Georgia; d 26 Nov 1965 in State
Hospital, Milledgeville, Baldwin Co Georgia; md James Madison Galloway 28 Jan
1900 in Floyd Co, Georgia.
_ 1 Clarence Dewey Galloway, b 7 February 1901 in Cassville, Bartow, Georgia,
d 22 Feb 1901 in Cassville, Bartow, Georgia,
_ 2 Lillie Lovease Galloway, b 22 Jan 1902 in Cassville, Bartow, Georgia, d16
Feb 1902 in Cassville, Bartow, Georgia, .
_ 3 James Washington Galloway, b 24 June 1903 in Cassville, Bartow County,
Georgia; d 5 Feb 1984 in Fulton County, Georgia married (1) ___ (2) Ethel
Hood 22 January 1925 in Lindale, Floyd Co Georgia; d 3 Nov 1988 in
Fairburn, Fulton County, Georgia.
_ 4 George William Galloway, b 14 November 1905 in Cassville, Bartow,
Georgia, d 16 Jan 1906 in Cassville, Bartow, Georgia,
_ 5 Ethel May Galloway, b 29 Nov 1906 in Cassville, Bartow County, Georgia; d
20 Nov 1923 in Lindale, Floyd Co, Georgia; md Demastis Daniel 19 Nov 1922
in Lindale, Floyd County, Georgia;.
_ 6 Gladys Eunice Galloway, b 4 August 1909 in Cassville, Bartow County,
Georgia; d 17 August 1974 in Atlanta, Fulton Co Georgia; md (1) Joseph Nap
LaFlamme (2) Henry Grady Buford
_ 7 John Newman Galloway, b 1 Dec 1911 in Cassville, Bartow, Georgia d 28
January 1912 in Bartow, Georgia, USA.
_ 8 Ora Ioan Galloway, md (1) Roy Nicholson Private; (2) Clyde McAllister
_ 9 Amy Vera Galloway, md Robert Lee Lester Crabtree b 30 April 1912 in
Trion, Chattooga Co, Georgia d 18 July 1978 in Atlanta, DeKalb Co Georgia,.
son of Samuel Franklin Crabtree and Mattie Jane Cornelius.
_ 1 Lester James Franklin Crabtree, b 7 July 1936 in Trion, Chattooga
Co, Georgia; d 22 May 1997 in Senoia, Coweta Co, Georgia.
_ 2 Roy Leon Crabtree md (1) Francis June Askew b 8 June 1945 d 4
Nov 1973 in Decatur, DeKalb Co Georgia, (2) Margaret Rosenbaum
_ 3 Sherry Jane Crabtree md James Franklin Osburn son of David
_ 1 James Franklin Osburn, Jr., md Christine Kay Fuller
_ 2 Robert Lee Osburn,
_ 3 Jonathan Edward Osburn md Lynda Suzanne Hammond
_ 4 Christopher Andrew Osburn
_ 4 David Lee Crabtree md Kelly McDonald
_ 10 Ollie Beatrice Galloway md Gus Pescopas Private; died 09 June 1969 in
East Point, Fulton County, Georgia.
_ 11 Audley Marshall Galloway, b 6 Feb 1920 in Lindale, Floyd, Georgia, d 30
July 1920 in DeKalb, Alabama.
_ 12 Harry Mekelham Galloway, b 6 February 1920 in Lindale, Floyd County,
Georgia; d26 January 1989 in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia; md (1) Mary
Ellen Davis; b Abt. 1918; d 15 April 1999 in Conyers, Rockdale County,
Georgia (2) Irene Dispane (3) Verdie (4) Susan Parker
_ 13 Duffie June Galloway, md James Franklin Carr
_ 3 Florida Matilda Cook, b 13 Sept 1885 in Floyd Co, Georgia; d 9 August 1969 in
Piedmont, Calhoun Co, Alabama; md (1) Robert S. Robinson; d in Jacksonville,
Calhoun, Alabama, (2) ___ Reagan; (3) Robert Phillips 23 May 1904 in Floyd County,
Georgia; (4) Henry I. Cothran 30 April 1906 in Lindale, Floyd Co, Georgia; b Abt. 1878;
d 1936 in Hollywood, Floyd Co, Georgia.
_ 4 Newman Cook, b 22 May 1889 in Floyd Co, Georgia, md Minnie Holmes 5 Dec 1909
in Gordon County, Georgia; b abt. 1888 in Georgia
_ 7 William Henry Cook b 26 October 1863 in Georgia; d 1928 in Floyd County, Georgia; md
Martha Jane Coker 22 February 1885 in Floyd County, Georgia; b 31 January 1859 in
Georgia; d 6 July 1934 in Colquitt County, Georgia
_ 2 Martha Arminda Tucker b. March 27, 1886 Gilmer Co., GA [1/8th Cherokee] Guion Miller/Eastern
Cherokee #426 md John Carter b. 1885 m. Sept. 7, 1900 Gilmer Co., GA
_ 1. Margaret L Carter b. Oct. 2, 1902
_ 2. William H. Carter b. April 16, 1905
_ 3 Minerva Theresa Tucker b 1842 GA d Indian Territory non citizen md (1) Culpeper C. Cooper (2)
Hiram B Thomas
_ 4 Lewallen A. Tucker b. NC
_ 1. Marcus L. Tucker b. GA
_ 1. Adolphus L. Tucker b. GA
_ 1. Eugene L. Tucker b. OK
_ 1. Jerry E. Tucker b. OK
_ 1. Patrick S. Tucker b. NJ
o 8. Chuleo Consene
_ 1 Sarah Consene b abt 1800 in Hightower (Etowah), Ga. d bef 1834 in Ga. md Henry Quinton [ his brother
Samuel [son of James] md Lydia -who was Sarah step sister] son of John Quinton **
_ 1 Lewis Quinton
_ 2. Samuel Quinton md (1) Mary (Polly) Humphrey
--- Flint 663 on Drennen Roll with brother Lewis**
_ 1 Clem Quinton b: abt. 1852
_ 3. Daniel Quinton
_ 4. Peggy Quinton b 1830 in Cherokee Nation (Cobb Co., Ga.) d 1906 in Tahlequah, I.T. md Jack High
b 1825
_ 1 Sarah Emma High b: 27 OCT 1872
_ 2 Lydia / Lucinda Crittenden (1/2 sister of Sarah) b in SC b 1812 in SC md Samuel Quinton b 1806 in SC [he
was the brother of Henry [son of James] who married Sarah -her step sister ] son of John Quinton
---1850 Census Greene Co, Samuel and Lucinda Quinton (Quintin) had a 14 year old daughter named Sarah,
all born in SC --1850 living in Polk Cty Arkansas --- The Crittenden line is a Cherokee branch of Major
---1860 Census: Green Co. TN ** **
_ 1 Sarah Amanda Quinton b 1836 b SC md Henry Carter in 1855 Greene Cty. Tenn son of John Carter
and Orrey _ **
_ 1 Samuel H. Carter md Eliza Jane Brady
_ 1 Vannie Otis Carter md. Minnie Louise Lancaster
_ 1 Ellen Louise Carter-Sanders
_ 2 Otis Summerville Carter
_ 3 William Burchett Carter md Marjorie Faye Pace,
_ 1 Victoria Sharon Carter
_ 2 Richard Burchett Carter
_ 3 William Curtis Lee Carter **
_ 2 William H. Quinton b: 1837 in TN. md Mary Adeline Bowles Jan 18, 1860 in Green Co. TN
---William Bowles served as Best Man
_ 3 Wm McDuffie Quinton b: 1838 in SC md (1) Catherine Louise Bowles 1859 in Green Co. TN (2)
Nancy A. Carter 1861 in Green Co. TN
--- Census: 1860 Green Co. TN
--- A William H. Quinton served as Best Man in marriage to Catherine
_ 4 Alexander D. Quinton b: 1840 in SC md Catherine D Phipps 1858 in Green Co. TN b 1843 in SC
---Census: 1860 Green Co. TN
_ 1. Catherine Quinton b: 1859 in TN.
---Census: 1860 Green Co. TN
---William McDuffie Quinton served as Best Man
_ 5 John Quinton b: 1842 in SC md Ibba Caroline Phipps 1861 in Green Co. TN
_ 6 Sam A. Quinton b: 1844 in SC
--- Census: 1860 Green Co. TN
_ 7 James M. Quinton b: 1846 in TN.
--- Census: 1860 Green Co. TN
_ 8 Mary M. M. Quinton b: 1848 in TN.
--- Census: 1860 Green Co. TN
_ 9 Elbert C. J. Quinton b: 1850 in TN.
--- Census: 1860 Green Co. TN
_ 10 Charles F. P. Quinton b: 1854 in TN.
--- Census: 1860 Green Co. TN
_ 11 Joseph Quinton b: 1857 in TN.
--- Census: 1860 Green Co. TN
o 9. Jim Walkingstick [Oo-Ta-La-Noo-Ski] shared the same mother with John.
3 Martha "Tilda" (Ewi) SNOW b abt 1766 probably Orange Co. N.C d 9 Oct 1843 n Saline Co. Ark. md Squire G. ALLEN 3 Aug
1789 probably Johnson Co. Illinois. b 12 Sep 1763, Orange County, NC d Nov 1842 in Brazil, Saline County, Arkansas, son of
Gershom Allen [b 10 Feb 1733/34, NC] and Patience Snow [b.1734, NC] They had 9 children ** ** ****
---- says Martha Tilda Snow (Ewi) is believed to be the daughter of Chief Dragging Canoe and his first wife Eni.
She and her mother were kidnapped by the Choctaws when she was six years old and sold to the whites in Virginia. This
information has been handed down in the Squire Allen family for five generations. says Martha "Tilda" Snow's father & mother is Obedience Snow & Ruth Rowan, they married on Sept. 18,
1848 in Saline Co., Arkansas. I believe that I find this in a Saline Co., Arkansas newsletter in Salt Lake City. Squire G. Allen
and Martha Snow are my gggggrandparents.--Kimberly Rix **
On October 9, 1843, Martha "Tilda" Allen died , intestate. Moses Brazil, Sr. (daughter Matilda's husband) was appointed
administrator on October 27, 1843
---1790 Census Pendleton District, SC- son of Gershom Allen.
---1800 Census Pendleton District, SC and has married and started a family.
---1804 -1808 Tax records for Warren County, Kentucky - he purchased land on Drakes Fork of Trammels Creek in 1807.
---1810 Census in Wilkersonviille Township, Randolph County Ky.
---1830 Census : Harden township in Conway County, AR.
---1833 Tax List Lawrence Co., AR
---1834 Tax List Lawrence Co., AR
---1840 Census Saline Co., AR
--- Nov 25, 1842, Richard Brazil (daughter Polly Allen's husband) was appointed administrator of the estate of Squire Allen. His
estate was appraised at $1,145.
o 1. Annanias ALLEN b. 1790
o 2. Maryann/Polly ALLEN b. 1793 d.1860
o 3. Moses ALLEN b. 1795 in South Carolina d 1859 in Cherokee Co., Texas. married Martha ___ in 1815 in Conway,
Arkansas. **
o 4. Aaron ALLEN b. 1800
o 5. Eleazer "Eli" ALLEN b. 1802, NC d 1889, Cleburne County, AR buried Sunny Slope Cem, Cleburne Cnty, AR md
Elizabeth "Bettie" HENSON d 1887, Saline County, Ark. dau of Charles HENSON
_ 1. **
o 6. Jessie B. ALLEN b.1803
o 7. Matilda ALLEN b.1805 d. 1872 md Moses E BRAZIL
o 8. Wesley ALLEN b. 1813
o 9.
4 Sarah aka Naky / Nakey Canoe b ca 1752 md Alexander William Brown II b ca 1750 son of Alexander Brown I, son of John
Brown I. **
Dragging Canoe, Sarah aka Naky - 3/16th Shawnee-Cherokee-Creek Metis born about 1751-died after 1775 - wife of
Alexander Brown-white
5 Turtle At Home [Dragging Canoe]
6 Little White Owl [Dragging Canoe]
Father named his son White Owl after his brother of the same name
7 Eyoostee [Dragging Canoe]
8 Crying Snake [Dragging Canoe]
** Dragging Canoe's wives and children. Many know about Leaf... but researching online says that there are some family stories about Dragging Canoe and a woman from Lookout
Mountain who was from the ancient ones there... some say that she was either Natchez or that she was a Napuchi (?). Dragging Canoe was to have had children with her. Not
much, if anything is known about this union. **
10-2005 Many sites online have documented Sarah *Indian* wife , buried with Nathan Ward to be our Sarah dau of Dragging Canoe.
Verification is needed , so if anyone has anything regarding this , please contact me . It would be so gratefully appreciated. ** ** ** ** **
Sarah (Indian) b. abt 1765, Turkey Knob, Alleghany, NC d. aft. 1850. md . Nathan Ward, Sr. b. 1761/65 Coal Creek,Grayson Co.,
VA d. 1835 Grayson Co., VA **
They are buried at the Osborne Fort Cemetery, near Bridle Creek, Grayson, VA.
Osborne Fort Cemetery, 1812-1877: "It is located on Rt 711 just east of the River Ridge Thoroughbred Farm's barn no 1 in
Independence, VA. Its name is derived from the fort built nearby for the protection of settlers from the Indians. It seems that this area
and section of New River was a favorite hunting and fishing site of the Indians, and they didn't give it up without raids and fighting. Early
settlers in this area included the surnames of Baker, Cox, Osborne, Hash, Ward, Phipps, Livesay, and Howell. The Osborne tract was
between Bridle Creek and Saddle Creek, and the Osborne Fort and cemetery were located thereon. The Osborne Fort Cemetery
remained in the Osborne family for 5 generations. During this time the plot was taken care of. But the farm and cemetery passed into
other hands and the cemetery was all but destroyed.
There were six Wards in the 1786 Mont. Co. tax list: Peter, John Sr., John Jr., Wells, Nathan, and James. Osborne's militia included
Nathan, Wells, and James Ward (1783). Later militia lists also had Stephen, Walker, and William W. The Wards settled first on Saddle
Creek: Nathan, Stephen, and Wells W. on tax list there, 1815. Later many Wards lived on Buck Mt, which surrounds Saddle Creek. The
Prior to 1800 list includes Elijah, Jonathan; (Nathan, and P. Ward (Fields, 58). Nuckolls discusses some Wards that married with
Nuckolls family. The Wards included many noted musicians in the Appalachian tradition. **
Click here to view WARD line
1. Stephen Ward Sr. b. 1788 m. (1) Abigail Osborne
2. Nathan Ward b.1790 SEE BELOW
3. Wells Ward b.1792 m Patience Phipps,
4. Zachariah Ward b.1793 md. (1) Tabitha Hash (2) Sarah Richardson
5. Jeremiah Ward b.1794
6. Jonathan WARD b. 1795 md. Polly Barton
7 Benjamin Ward b. 1796 m. Jennie Jane Cox
8 Nellie "Eleanor" Ward b 1800 m. John Cox
9 Lewis Thomas Ward b. abt 1802, md. "Miriam" Mary Ann Hash
10 "Big" Enoch Ward b. 1806 A m. Nancy Hash
11. Landreth Ward b. 1811
12. Silas Ward b. 1813
13. Margaret Ward
14. William Newton Ward
Nathan WARD - died in Perry County Tennessee married Mary Elizabeth ___
1. John Ward b. >1862 SEE BELOW
2. Nathan Ward- died in Perry County Tennessee
3. Carroll Houston Ward b 1825
John Ward d. aft 5 MAY 1862, of wounds m. Nancy Jane DAVIS on 23 FEB 1862, Wytheville, VA. She was b abt 1846 d/o Jordan
Anderson DAVIS & Senie LINCH . She also married William Harrison Blevins b. Aug 27 1840 d. Aug 15 1925 ** ** **
1. Phebe Jane WARD SEE BELOW
Phoebe Jane Ward md William David PENNINGTON
1. Rhonda Vandella Pennington Dec 1883-1969*
2. William Chester Pennington Dec 1886-1973
3. Nancy Rosella Pennington Aug 1890-?
4. Bonnie B Pennington Aug 1893
5. Stanley O Pennington 1893 - 1895
6. Charles B A Pennington 1895 -1897
7. Baine B. Pennington 1897-1942
8. Bertha Belle Pennington Aug 1899-1986
9. Dillion Roseanna Pennington 1902or04
10. Bessie Alice Clara Pennington July 1903-2004 married Fred Taylor SEE BELOW
11. Udora Nellie Gray Pennington 1905-1963
William David Pennington
& Phoebe Jane Ward
Bessie Alice Clara Pennington md. Fred Taylor
1. David Lee Taylor 1926 - 1955
2. ***Keith Bremmen Taylor 1928 - 1984 married Mary Jane Gardner SEE BELOW
3. Richard Byrd Taylor 1930 - 2003
4. Clara Bee Taylor 1932 - living
5. Charles Roger Taylor 1941 - living
6. Nilah Jane Taylor 1942 - living
7. ILah Lane Taylor 1942 - living
Keith Bremmen Taylor md. Mary Jane Gardner
1. Michael Keith Taylor
2. ***Victoria Lynn Taylor --------------ME
2. Michael Wayne Taylor
2. Kenneth Lee Taylor
2. William Martin Taylor
I saw behind me those who had gone, and before me those who are to come. I looked back and saw my father and his father
and all our fathers, and in front to see my son and his son, and the sons upon sons beyond. And their eyes were my eyes. As I
felt so they had felt, and were to feel, as then, so now, as tomorrow and forever. Then I was not afraid, for I was in a long line
that had no beginning and no end. And the hand of his father grasped my father's hand and his hand was in mine, and my
unborn son took my right hand and all, up and down the line that stretched from Time That Was to Time That Is and Is Not
Yet, raised their hands to show the link. And we found that we were one....
From: "How Green Was My Valley", by Richard Llewellyn
A Prayer for Genealogists
Lord, help me dig into the past
And sift the sands of time,
That I might find the roots that made
This family tree of mine.
Lord, help me trace the ancient roads
On which my fathers trod,
And led them through so many lands
To find our present sod.
Lord, help me find an ancient book
Or dusty manuscript
That's safely hidden now away
In some forgotten crypt;
Lord, let it bridge the gap that haunts
my soul when I can't find
The missing link between some name
that ends the same as mine.
N. Curtis Woods

WARNING....GENEALOGY POX; [very contagious to adults]

Continual complaints as to need for names, dates and places. Patient has blank
expression, sometimes deaf to spouse and children. Has no taste for work of
any kind, except feverishly looking through records at libraries, courthouses
and internet, Has compulsion to write letters and send e-mail. Swears at
mailman when he doesn't stop and leave mail. Frenquents strange places such
as cemeteries, ruins and remote desolate country areas. Makes secret night
calls. Hides phone bills from spouse and mumbles to [him or her] self. Has
strange far away look in eyes.

Medication is useless. There is no known cure. Disease is not fatal, but gets
progressively worse. Patient should attend genealogy workshops, subscribe to
genealogy magazines and be given a quiet corner in the house where he or she
can be alone.

The unusual nature of this disease is...the sicker the patient gets, the more he or she seems to enjoy it!
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