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100 year-old Kuhn Family letters
Posted by: Frederick E Kuhn (ID *****2311) Date: March 27, 2005 at 23:45:45
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Re: Kuhn- 1832 to 1990, Indiana and Ohio RESEARCH
Posted by: fekuhn Date: September 10, 2001 at 21:50:42
In Reply to: Kuhn- 1832 to 1990, Indiana and Ohio by Jean Fancy of 1498







Series of Original KUHN FAMILY Letters:
Provided by: Mrs. Daniel Kuhn, Oregon
To: Mrs. Millard E. Kuhn, Arizona

KEY ANCESTRAL NAMES: Daniel Webster Kuhn, Daniel Alexander Kuhn, Daniel Kuhn, Edward E. Kuhn, Frederick Millard Kuhn, Michael Kuhn, Julia Kuhn, Wilhelmina Krause, Wilhelmine Krause, Karl August Krause, August Krause, Robert Krause, Munni Rousonot, Robert R. Kuhn, May Kuhn, Mary Kuhn, John W. Kuhn, Carl Kuhn, Herald Kuhn, Rose Kuhn


Page #1

Letter written on stationery from: The Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Co.
To: Daniel W. Kuhn, Keota, Keokuk, Iowa
From: Edward (Edd) Kuhn, Embudo, New Mexico
Posted , 1902
Written: August 20, 1902

Dear Father and Motrher,

Yours recíd with letter from Dan enclosed. If Dan has passes from Sheldon to Charles City over the Ohio Milwaukee & St Paul he can easily get them extended and the fare from Omaha to Sheldon is not very much. I have written for a half fare Omaha to Sheldon and can get a half fare Denver to Omaha and I think I said in my letter before the last one I would furnish transportation for Ma Lumberton to Denver and return. I am not sure that I can get pass but can get half fare and if I cant get pass will have to use half fare. You better write Dan at once to get those passes extended and I will write for half fare over the U.P. from Denver to Omaha & return. Passes are a little hard to get now days but hope to get the passes to Denver & return. The trouble is to get them with long enough limit. 60 days I think is a long as they will limit them. I am going to write at once for the half fare and will wait about 5 or 6 days and then ask for pass over this line & see what they say.

So you better write Dan at once. Tell him to get the ones he has extended and ask for pass Denver to Omaha & if he donít get them then use the half rate. Now write Dan at once and we will see if we canít get things moving.

I will send you the $5.00 to pay my share of the surveying of the land in my next letter and I want you to put up a cabin on mine when you build yours. Let me know when you are going to put them up and if in September or 1st of October may get over for a little while. Must close.

Your son,

/s/ Edd

We are all well.

Letter to: D. W. Kuhn, Keota, Keokuk, Iowa,
Posted August 30, 1902
From: Daniel Kuhn, Edith, Colorado, 1902
ALL Original Verbatim Documents edited with minor
Grammatical and occasional spelling corrections
Written August 27, 1902


Page #1

Edith, Colorado
August the 27th, 1902

Dear Son Dan,

We Received your letter dated August the 18th and also one Sometime before that one and see therein that you Stand a very poor chance iff any at all to get any Passes for Ma & Julia to go to Iowa on. So I wrote to Edd and told him what you wrote (that was the letter that you wrote just before you left New Richmond) and I also sent him the letter so he could see how the thing stood with you. So to say we got a letter from him and he wants me to write to you and tell me a lot of stuff what I should write to you so I will enclose his letter in this so you can see for yourself what he wants for I donít think I could write it and explain it to you and you can write to him about it and also to us.

Yes Ma is intends to make the trip iff she possibly can but she says that she donít think that she could go up to New Richmond this time on account of the expense and also on shortage of time and tiresome traveling. Well, Can, at any rate We are very glad that you quit Rail Roading and that you have a good job & good wages and we all wish you good luck and hope you will have good success in your new occupation. We are all well and hope this will meet you the same. Hoping to hear from you soon so with
Love and Best Wishes from all to you and Family,
We remain Yours Loveing Parents, Brother & Sister,


Letter to: D. W. Kuhn, Keota, Keokuk, Iowa,
Posted April 1, 1903
From: Daniel Kuhn, Edith, Colorado, 1902
ALL Original Verbatim Documents edited with minor
grammatical and occasional spelling corrections,
Written March 31, 1902


Page #1

Dear Son Dan and Family,

It has been a long time since I wrote to you and I suppose you are a beginning to think that I have forgotten you but I will try to make up for lost time now. But then I have not been well for some time and could not possibly sit down and write a letter but am some better now but donít feel very well yet. I was a feeling pretty good and was a getting strong and healthy when I was taken with the grippe and I tell you that has cut me down terribly but I am a kind a getting over it now and hope to be all right again pretty soon.

Maís health has been pretty good this winter. She stood the winter really better than I did but here lately she is troubled quite a bit with rheumatism and her back gives out and is very painful but she is up and around most all the time but I blame the weather a great deal for that as we have had an uncommonly hard winter here for this country and thru March it has been very bad a snowing almost every day so it kept it wet and damp and nasty all the time but that is just what this country needed to wet the ground as there has been several dry seasons and the country was literally dried out but now the ranchmen are all rejoicing and saying we will have plenty grass & everything will grow this summer and there is plenty snow on the mountains yet all the way from two to six feet & more in some places. There will be snow on some mountain peaks anyway this year until middle of July tha is on the north side.

Page #2

Fred and Julia are well and Fred is a doing very well. He is a full fledged Engineer now and is running from here to Lumberton and back every day and also doing the switching here in the yards. Fred has a good standing in with the company here as he is a good trusty man and has no bad habits and is well thought of by everybody here and he belongs to the Macabees and also the K. P.ís so that gives him a good lift too. He is a great big strong fellow, the biggest one in the family. Julia has grown a good deal since we are out here and is getting to be quite a help to Ma and I tell she is quite a little worker and will soon be a great help to Ma.

Well Dear Children, We all hope that this letter will meet you all enjoying good health which is a great Blessing to everyone for without health no person can be happy.

Now Dear Children, we all thank you a thousand times for sending us that Beautiful Picture of that Sweet little boy Daniel that sure is a fine picture, & he must be a Sweet boy. Ma couldnít look at it enough. When we got it she thought it was so sweet and everyone that sees is says it is the prettiest picture they ever seen and we all think so too. But tell Carl that we love him just as well and would like to have his picture too and also the little boy Heraldís. Carl was such a nice good boy when we was there that we canít help but love him. We thank Rose & you both for writing us such good and kind letters although I was very sick when we got Roseís letter but it done me a great deal of good to read her letter.

Page #3

Well I must now tell about Maís trip and visit to Iowa. Of course she had a good time while she was there with her relatives and friends, but her time was so short (on account of getting her Passes so late over the D & R G) that she could not get around to see near all the folks that she would have liked to have seen and besides that it rained nearly all the time she was there. She was there five Sundays and it rained on four of them and nearly all the time between time. So you know it was hard for her to get around. She didnít even get to go to the Ridgeway to see Hornbergerís folks on account of the weather being so bad. Her money matters are all right. She could have gotten seven hundred dollars when she was there but the other three hundred dollars was on a mortgage which will not be due until a year from next fall so she thought it best to let the other $700 out till then and get it all together when she gets it so George Krause took the money as Robert, his father, is administrator and under bonds for all of it so it is all safe any way.

Oh yes, I must also tell you that Uncle August Krause moved up to Storm Lake, Minnesota while Ma was there. Henry lives there so they moved there also. Oh, yes, I must also tell you that Ma rode from Sheldon to Omaha with a Conductor by the name of Hart. He told Ma to be sure and tell you that she rode with him. She ditend buy a ticket for Julia at Sheldon & he wanted pay for her but when he found out who she was he ditend want any pay at all. Only to tell you she rode with him.

Page #4

Well I will now give you a kind of a description of our homestead claims. This land is all heavy fine timber and of the very best quality. A great deal of it is clear stump & is worth right of the stump at least two thousand dollars to a quarter section and timber is a going up all the time and as the Government has shut down on all Sawmills & Railroads or tie cutting on Government Land so our timber will raise in value all the time and iff we will hold it a few years it will be worth probably 3 or 4 thousand dollars. The Land is good for nothing only graseing.

You wanted to know iff there was any mineral on it. I will answer that question in this way. We as homesteaders darsent know as there is iff we did and was sure of it we could not homestead it but it is only two miles from Monero, the great coal town and George Kutz that owns and operates a mine there and also owns a big store at Lumberton one of the oldest white settlers in the country and on old friend of Eddís & ours. He says that all of that land is underlaid with coal. He is the man that put us on the track of this land and helpt us all he could to get it. I and Mr. Williams that also has a quarter section there was a looking over the land and timber one day and he is an old miner from Cripple Creek (and has quite a mining interest there yet) and all at once he stoped his horse as quick as wink and off an went to pounding rock. I got off then too and broke rock there. Says he is just as good a quart site rock as there is at Cripple Creek. Just the same we took some of it home. Compaired it with some of his from there and it just the same but donít tell any person anything or this or we might loose it all.

Page #5

Well I must now write you a little about my Brother Michael when the went to California and iff they went thru Southern Colorado the surely must have went over this line of the D & R G Road and by the way of Durango and iff they did they passed within six miles of us as they went thru Lumberton. When you write to him again just ask him what rout they took thru Colorado and if they went thrue Durango and tell him that I got acquainted with a man that lives in Chama, NM where Robert lives by the name of Stump. He used to live in Missouri. A neighbor of his and he still take the Queen City Paper and he sent me thru (Robert) the clippings out of the paper where the announcement of his sonís death was in were it stated when Mike went down there to see his Son. And also tell him that we got a letter once from his Daughter from California when we lived in Iowa. It was a very fine letter & she sent some violets in it. I wrote her an answer but never heard of her. Since would like to hear from her again give him our address & tell him to write to us and I will answer his letter.

Well Dear Children I must now close my writing or you will get tired out a reading it.

So With Love & Best Wishes From us all to all
We Remain Your Loveing Parents, Brothers & Sister


N.B. Kiss all the children for us


Page #1

Letter to: D. W. Kuhn, New Richmond, St Croix, Wisconsin
Posted July 15, 1902
From: Daniel Kuhn, Edith, Colorado, 1902
ALL Original Verbatim Documents edited with minor
grammatical and occasional spelling corrections,
Written July 5, 1902
Edith, Colorado
July 5, 1902

Dear Son Dan and Family,

It has been a long time since we heard from you only by an indirect way. I wrote to you over a year ago and have been a waiting an answer ever since and as we havenít received an answer yet I thought I would write again and see iff we couldnít hear from you.

Well we are all middling well at present (except Ma. She has a bad cold but is getting better.) And we hope that this will meet you all enjoying the best of health. We would all like to see you all very mutch and how is Karl a getting along. He must be quite a big boy now and little Dan and we also heard that you had another little boy. How are they all a getting along. We would like to hear something about all when you write.

Well Dan, Ma and Julia would like to go back to Iowa this fall on a visit (and Ma also would like to see how it is about her money matters) providing they could get transportation there and back. I wrote to Ed about it. He said that he could get Passes for them from here to Denver & return but as he is not coupond agent now he donít know now as he could get any over an of the other roads from Denver to Omaha the would have to go on the U. P. road from there to Sheldon on the Omaha and from Sheldon to Charles City on the Millwaukee so he wanted me to write to you and see iff you could get the Passes for them there and return iff you can get the Passes they wanted to start from here about the latter part of August or the first of September and the must have the Passes at least for (60) sixty days so to give them time enough to get all around to where the want to go. You would have to get the Passes for Mrs. Daniel Kuhn and Julia Kuhn. Iff you have to give Juliaís age she is twelve year old. And they also want to come up to New Richmond and make you a visit iff they possibly can.

Now Dan see and find out what you can do for them concerning those Passes and let me know as soon as you possibly can as I am out on the new Railroad a Bridge Building and only come home once a week and sometimes only once in two weeks.

Well I must also tell you that I and Ed has homesteaded some land each a quarter section. It is not far from here but it is over the line in New Mexico. It is fine timber. There is at least from $1,500 to $2,000 dollars worth of timber on a quarter section at stumpage rates and there is undoubtedly coal and may be also mineral on it but about the coal & mineral we daresnt know anything or we couldnít homestead it. In 14 months from the day we filed on it we can prove up on it and pay two hundred dollars & get our Deeds then the Land is ours and we can do with it as we please.

We also have some oil claims wich may soon be pretty good Property.

Well I must Now Come to a close for this time.

With Love and Best Wishes from all to all
We Remain Yourís
Loveing Parents Pa & Ma, Brother Fred & Sister Julia



Page #1

Letter to: D. W. Kuhn
Posted 1904
From: John Kuhn, Magnolia, Minnesota, 1904
ALL Original Verbatim Documents edited with minor
grammatical and occasional spelling corrections,
Written February 22, 1904

Dear Brother Dan,

Yours received and was very sorry to hear that Father was so bad but hope he is not as bad as they think he is and that he will get better.

I would like very much to go out but havenít got the money to go with. I lost $300.00 on those cattle I bought last summer and moving and all took every cent and left me in bad shape just now. I have $1,800.00 in a farm in Redwood Co but I canít sell that just now as land is at a stand still and money seems to be very hard to get.

You know this country was all hailed out last year. And banks here are carrying all the papers they can and are not loaning anything. I have a few dollars in money that I earned on Rail Raod this winter and if they need it I will send them that. I hope you will be able to go.

Robís May wrote to Mary and said Ed was sick in a hospital at Denver. She said he had Rheumatic fever. Have you heard anything from him?

Well will close. Hope this finds you all well as it leaves us.

/s/ John Kuhn


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